produced by ERN DAWGY

eq'ed/mastered by sinapse

peace to them^^^

written fyi

this is for all ma heavy smokaz,
daily tokaz,
crushin up the herb and try not 2 fuck wit the coca,

to me its like a sport im michael phelps to this shit,

i breast stroke in the best smoke,
while i provoke and hope u die when u choke,

ya fuckin amateurs from real,

i dun smoked from the most powerfull strains in this here cannibis game,

i try and maintain sum quality shit for my brain,
but is hard,
so when papi got it i cop in abundance,

enough to make ur hole mu fuckin platoondunce,
or get zoned out to my rhymes in ur beeboy stance,

eyes red in a trance-cuz the god took that chance,

but he fucked up and let the blunt burn a hole thru his pants,
so err body knew he got it from me,
they knew i come thru wit the potenness tree,

of life,
and in a blink of the eye, i was done with the werk,
skampoe thru the speakers screamin sum bout leaving them hurt,

.................................................. .........................
verse 2

when im puffin i get the coughin,
my lungs shut down then i start commatosein,`
i get the feeling that my soul is floatin,

in the air fiening for a sig,
wake up 2 hours later and raid the firdge in the crib,

man i get so high i hear the growth of my wig!
its bugged out but thats how it is when u fuck wit the twig,
stickyest shit like when u press down on a fig,
the blunts we be rollin theres no others that big,

the bamboo the whiteowls and dutches,
be all on ma clutches when im laid up in thIS fortress,

is medicinal for the stress when the smoke be cluding my chest,
ionno whut it is but that fuckin shit is the best!
no body ever died from smokin the ces,

so dont gimme that shit,

this shit was put on the earth, for me and you,
to be used as a tool,
cuz if not i'd prolly belive err thang i was thought in school!
its mr t on ya asses, i pity the fool!

peace ya'll!