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Thread: BeautiflyB VS. Dusk RD. 1

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    i said in the begining of the tourny if someone thought a vote was biased or unfair it would be pulled. the rule still stands.

    really BB brock's vote is not even suppose to count, but i think dusk is going to let it slide. outside votes?? from like another forum? i can't see that working, and vote's from other members on this site who technically aren't battle orientated, would just be a popularity contest.

    if someone want's a vote pulled, pull it.
    After this battle Round 2 starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeautiFlyB View Post
    I say leave the verses and matchups as they are but scrap all votes made by any of us who are competing. Just start the vote over and leave it up to more knowledgable judges.
    there's only a handful of people who you could rely on to judge these rounds & they'd all be mods

    Ben, Eng, and Tauro if you're looking for suggestions but no votes should be thrown out just let it be what it is and move-on (coming from a guy who already lost his) I don't think people are being biased on the real says here that the Corp in general has a bad habbit of riding female jocks so if anything, I'd imagine it to work against Dusk imo.

    (though he get's my vote, I thought the punches where pretty much equal as far as wittyness but he got a little more viscious in the style and lyrics, which gets my nod but it was close. good battle

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    Nobody even got to read my verse. I hate style. Grr.

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    I'll read your verse, especially if it's about Gavin. PM it to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TruWizDumb View Post
    Nobody even got to read my verse. I hate style. Grr.
    You should post it in your thread anyway. Unless Erad closed it. And if he did... Post it in this one. Or any damn thread you want! LOL... Who cares? You in round 2 Baby!!!

    When do we get to see the second round kick off anyway?

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    A vote still needed?

    Punchlines - tie
    Personals - Dusk
    Flow - Dusk
    Creativity - BB
    Nameplay - BB

    Vote - Dusk

    BB came really clever, but Dusk came way more heavy and was in a mood for a battle. Simple as that.

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    i got a PM to vote in this, but i don't want to given it's my opponant next round....

    if y'all need me to just tell me though.....

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    looks like 5-2, congradulations dusk you move to round 2.

    i understand you postion daliff, no matter who you voted for someone would have been your oppenant next unless you underballed yourself. I think if you vote fair noone really cares here. cool next round.

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