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Thread: Ares VS. mightythor RD. 1

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    Default *Verses In* Ares VS. mightythor RD. 1

    Im going to try this tournament with a poll, even though it doesn't really make any difference. Every vote has to be WELL explained, and should abide by these categories:


    for close calls or nailbiters, additional categories should be considered:


    If you feel a vote is unjust or biased let me or Dusk know and we will throw it out accordingly.

    For every battle it will be the first to five,
    or 3-0 will be considered a KO
    and 4-1 will be considered a TKO

    To move things along quickly, I think there should only be one verse and NO feeding.
    It's not fair if one person get's to feed and the other not.

    Every verse should consist of 16 lines.

    *Everyone should have 2 days from the time they check-in there battle to drop there verse or they are DQ'd.
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    *I have received no verses for this battle

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    Alright, I'll post either by tonight or tomorrow night.

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    Verse sent.
    Last edited by Ares; 04-26-2009 at 08:26 PM.

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    waiting on mightythor..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eradicate View Post
    waiting on mightythor..

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    hold up i been sick. i got you soon

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    mightythor's Verse:

    Reality collapse around you, create a rift in time
    Lethality of raps astound you, no need to spit the rhymes
    They sit before your eyes, and rip your soul alive
    Like a closed throat you will choke, if you read these lines
    I read the minds of losers like you on a daily basis
    You cannot write or even hold a mic, your life is wasted
    if we go, toe-to-toe, I’ll clip you like a nail
    And you couldn’t get away if billionaires paid your bail
    I’m raising hell; I’m the best at putting punks to rest
    No con-test, but your rhymes are so standardized
    Never been sanitized, I’m sick like a band of flies
    You only bug me; if you were Gary the snail you couldn’t slug me
    Your verse is full holes, I call you Ares squarepants
    You’ve never had a chance, but because of your insistence
    I’ll erase you from existence; I’ll take your resistance
    Reverse your verse and curse you with cists kid.

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    Ares Verse:

    Who’s that dude that detached Jupiter from it’s planetary axis?..
    The same guy who destroyed Thor with his own hammer and war axes..
    A complex being, with the ability to shape your skull into a polygon..
    Challenging evil in it’s purest form? That was folly son..
    My punches hit like a enhanced version of Forest Griffin and Zeus..
    Visional impairments my lines produce, and your fear gives me the stimuli boost..
    Go to your son’s school and steal his lunch, Thor’s hammer can’t match my Falcon Punch..
    Gave this dude the evil eye..and left his spine broken and humped..
    Head juiced like grape fruit, I rape charity groups..
    Leave this guy’s neck squeezed together so all you hear is a pussyified war whoop..
    Dude, you fucking look like a Preppy Version of T-Pain..Dreads need to be reframed..
    Vertical katana cut leaves a visible paradigm of your brain..
    I’m the offspring of gods, I can control flora with my will..
    Vines inject into your veins and turn your cells into chlorophyll..
    Riding in an army of boars and berserkers, inflicting pain that’s much more then a tear jerker..
    Harder then Artic Yak herders, your in an complex and awkward position like a cybernetic corner worker..

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    Punchlines- Ares
    Personals - mighty
    Flow - Ares
    Creativity - mighty
    Vocab - Ares

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    damnit. i didn't even think god of war aries

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    punches were better, though i'm not too big on the mystical 'i control plants' shit......

    mightythor's verse just seemed like dude hasn't been rapping long.....

    'clip you like a nail'........and the two Spongebob punches weren't doing it for me either.....

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    even though i think thor's verse was more grimier, i think ares was more on the attack on thors name that prolly gave him more of an edge, pretty good battle, could be better though....

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    Ares had better vocab, punches, and creativity. Thor had nice multi's tho, but it's like he got lazy at the end with the spongebob lines and stuff...Good job by both of them overall~

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    *note to self, spongebob jokes are not "ill"*

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