If you want to learn about colloidal silver side effects, then this article is just what you need. We'll be discussing what colloidal silver can do for your health, the potential negative side effects, and whether the benefits outweigh the risks of using silver as a health supplement.After reading through this information, you should be able to determine whether or not you think taking colloidal silver is right for you.

Silver has long been used by people all over the world for it's health benefits. The primary health benefit of silver, is that effectively kills bacteria within 7 seconds of coming in contact with it. As you can see, the reduction of harmful bacteria in and around our bodies means better health.

Another health benefit of silver is that it tends to increase energy levels and stamina with continued proper use.

Colloidal silver also promotes healing and regeneration of damages tissues. Infection and burn patients usually see a lot of improvement when using colloidal silver as part of their treatment. Silver is great for your health when used correctly.

However, it's important that you also learn about colloidal silver side effects. The usually side effects are on the positive side, such as increased energy and healthy weight levels. The only colloidal silver side effect that you might even need to be concerned about is a permanent bluish or metallic skin tint that affects some people who take silver in ridiculously huge quantities. This metallic tinted skin is called Argyria, and is extremely rare.

So, is it worth it to take colloidal silver, even with the extremely small risk of Argyria? Absolutely! Most people take colloidal silver in small quantities, so they'll never have to worry about Argyria. Improve your health by doing the same, and you'll never have to worry about getting metallic skin from overdosing.

Not only is it great at killing bacteria, improving health and speeding recovery, it's also safer than antibiotics, even when taking in the risks for strange skin color reactions. Viruses, germs, and bacteria are not known to grow resistant to silver, so that makes silver a wonderful addition to your health care routine.

No one can say the same for antibiotics, as we all know that they can cause mutations in viruses in germs that make our future less safe. Using colloidal silver before taking medication is a great way to lessen your chances of catching a bug that may never go away.

Silver is an excellent addition to anyone's heath care routine. Taken in the correct dosages, you'll notice a definite improvement in health and nothing more. Any unpleasant colloidal silver side effects can be avoided by using only reasonable amounts of this special liquid.

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