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Thread: Ares VS. TruWizDumb RD. 2

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    Default Ares VS. TruWizDumb RD. 2

    Every vote has to be WELL explained, and should abide by these categories:


    for close calls or nailbiters, additional categories should be considered:


    If you feel a vote is unjust or biased let me or Dusk know and we will throw it out accordingly.

    For every battle it will be the first to five,
    or 3-0 will be considered a KO
    and 4-1 will be considered a TKO

    To move things along quickly, I think there should only be one verse and NO feeding.
    It's not fair if one person get's to feed and the other not.

    Every verse should consist of 16 lines.

    *Everyone should have 2 days from the time they check-in there battle to drop there verse or they are DQ'd.

    Submit your verses to me, and I will post when I have received a verse.

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    Alright, I'm getting on it.

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    Fucking Christ, this bitch won due to a no-show now I have to crush her..
    Digesting insects like ant rushers, vibrant colors leak through your skull like fruit gushers..
    Lyrical juggernaut, slap a steel bar with my nuts and it shatters to fragments..
    I leave logical reasoning absent, as I down bottles with soldiers who have Russian accents..
    Bitch won’t buy me a chocolate milk? That’s ok, leave her stuffed with vegetable silk..
    Till her skin starts to peel, rip this bitches tits off and replace them with wooden stilts..
    Don’t meet me in a dark alley, I’ll sacrifice your virginity to stone gargoyles..
    I asked TruWiz if she spat or swallowed, and she told me she gargled..
    Muay Thai clench, I can get over the thought that I kneed a woman’s brain loose..
    My vocals collide into your senses with the spirituality and power of slain Jews..
    Knocked up on Grey Goose, she spots my dick, tips and slips like “Whoopsie”..
    Stop with “The Vagesty” shit, I didn’t create an account to be advertised with loose clits and pussies..
    High as shit, I can’t think of four more bars of grimy lip, that I can rhyme and spit..
    Strapped with plastic explosives, all heads turn to me as the timer clicks..
    Two lines left, her style’s intense bullshit like intergaltic rodeos..
    She’s staying slow, but hopefully TruWiz can respond to this after she ships off her baby loads..

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    Bloody fucking Christ.

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    really good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusk View Post
    r u Classic?
    Uh, I really don't know how to answer that..

    If you mean if I've had an account of this forum before, then no.

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    He spit a fuckin verse but he's still a no-show!
    like a midgett givin head, yeah that's a "low blow:"
    You can't stop my reign, u ain't winnin Ares
    I'll cut ya simple life short like denim Capris

    Please, the god of war? Who you think u foolin?
    Pull up a chair lil' bitch, lemme give u some schoolin'
    Your vocabulary's nice and your punchlines are witty
    But you're still a lil punk suckin on ya momma's titty

    This is a battle of lyrics and you just can't compete
    kinda like signin up 4 a marathon but u ain't got no feet
    you're in deep now so there's no backing out
    you're fucked just like ur dad when he didn't pull out

    You're a mistake just like this match up
    I saw the new bracket and cracked up!
    Ya'll think HE can withstand my lyrical ammunition?
    Thanks for the laugh, but where's my real competition?

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    line # 14 should read " I saw the new bracket and I cracked up!"

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    Punchlines- deffo truwizdumb
    Personals - tru wizdumb
    Flow- ares
    Creativity - tie
    Nameplay - tie

    Multis - ares
    Wordplay - truwizdumb
    Vocab - ares...

    even tho i put more slots for ares he didnt get personal AT ALL ok maybe a few lines but this could have been mistaken for a regular freestyle over a verse....it was A BLAZING verse and if asked which freestyle was better id say ares...but this is a battle and punchlines and personals are a must so my vote goes to truwizdumb

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    Punchlines - Ares
    Personals -
    Flow - Tie
    Creativity - Ares
    Nameplay - Tru
    Multis - Ares
    Wordplay -
    Vocab -

    Tru, did i actually see you give props to him in your verse?

    "Your vocabulary's nice and your punchlines are witty"

    good battle and all, nice verses from both..
    but im gonna have to give it to Ares.

    *I don't know who Sativahhh is that hit the poll, but if you don't explain your vote it will not count. so since killbot explained it, it is tied 1-1
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    in all honestly, I think Ares verse was mad fuckin' tight but TruWizDumb had some lines in there that were funny as fuck.....your vocabulary's nice and your punchlines are witty/but you're still a little punk suckin' on his mom's titty!!!! and the midget line, lol, but Ares line about sacrificing your virginity to stone Gargoyles, dude that's fucked, either way my vote goes for TruWizDumb, dope battle regardless though, stay up 1

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    Punchlines- truwiz
    Personals - truwiz
    Flow- ares
    Creativity - tie
    Nameplay - ares
    Multis - ares
    Wordplay - truwiz
    Vocab - ares

    ares betta

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