Hobs just released this 16 track soundscape of beauty and put it out through GalvaMega.

01 Intro - The Sounds Of Satellites Crashing (prod Rest Assured & Hobs Sputnik)
02 Who Am I?? (prod Myn Dwun)
03 Focus w/ DeepShit (prod Hobs Sputnik)
04 Fantasy Hybrid w/ Avatar (prod Debmaster)
05 Limited Edition w/ Nubs & Wormhole (prod Hobs Sputnik) Cuts by Shortrock
06 Unseen By The Untrained Eye (prod Hobs Sputnik) Shane Taite on guitar
07 Helpless w/ Dis4bled (prod Dis4bled) Cuts by DJ Brace
08 Chants Of Madmen w/ Tank & Nomar Slevik (prod Debmaster)
09 Confessions w/ Ceschi (prod Hobs Sputnik) Shane Taite on guitar
10 Landmine w/ Staplemouth & Wormhole (prod Hobs Sputnik)
11 Sky Falls / The Reign (prod Hobs Sputnik)
12 Out Of Environment w/ Gruf The Druid (prod Hobs Sputnik) Shane Taite on guitar
13 Waiting On Faith w/ Aamir (prod Debmaster) Cuts by Shortrock
14 The Awakening w/ Deazill (prod Hobs Sputnik)
15 End To The Fun Ride w/ Eskimo & LXOR (prod Sapience)
16 Sky Falls / The Rain Remix (prod Th' Mole)

You can pick this up for $10 (shipping included) from myself by emailing paulyshoreisalive@gmail.com or through Hobs himself at www.myspace.com/hobssputnik .