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Thread: What's wrong with the hip hop today...

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    Default What's wrong with the hip hop today...

    is that most new listeners acquire their first contact with hip hop(and music in general) through some media.

    Internet, television or radio.

    Much earlier it was through PEOPLE. In 2001/2002, when i started listening hip hop and generally the music, i got my first cd's from my friends.

    I didn't see fucking gravel pit video, and hoped to the store to buy album.
    I got The W and Iron Flag from some guys, for a birthday (cause back in the days music cd's were very often present for bithdays) I didn't even liked that song on the first listen, but i liked songs like carefull, let my niggaz live, Ya'll been warned, etc... cause it was dark and grimey.

    A lot of music besides hip hop are cd's from my parents, and i used to put people on some music, handle them some cd to check it out, and similar.

    Today you just see single on tv and it's automatically hot. You don't communicate with other people and discuss styles, and through that communication you would build your own style and discover some new stuff and etc..

    This site, and similar sites are great way to make contact with music through people.

    To see what other's like, or not, i also discovered a lot of hip hop in these place, and it made me to check some stuff that i wouldn't if i wasnt here..

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    To me hiphop is suffering like other music genre's. Why? One reason is because of radio. They don't brake in records or artists, unless they have a big push from the record labels. It's almost impossible to hear a DOOM or Bronze Nazareth record on the free airwaves. Thank God for the internet, at least now if you look around you can be exposed to a lot of hiphop artists & records you would never hear on radio.

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    De mijne is 4x duurder!

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