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Thread: I've been sleeping on Spaghetti Junction

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    Default I've been sleeping on Spaghetti Junction

    I always found it a skip track on Stankonia, and never really got around to listen to it more carefully. Today, my shuffle put on Spaghetti Junction, and I was torn apart.

    The way Andre and Big Boi pitch 4-liners back n forth is amazing, and that beat is fantastic, how it follows every two lines with a bang. Sleepy Brown on the hook is genius 'be careful where you roam, cause you might not make it home'. It's really strong both lyrics and beat-wise.

    I just think this track is one of the best off Stankonia, and I feel bad for letting it go below my radar for so long.


    Anyone else feel the same way about this track?

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    haha yeah yo, I had the same epiphany a few months back. never listened to it that much before, but now its in my top 3 tracks on Stankonia, with B.O.B. and Gasoline Dreams.
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    Suga Duga


    best duo ever...

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