Peep da math son, 5mos. crashed on my ass
my cipher conjested wit issues I'm lackin da cash
broken sorrows I try 2 rebuild my foundation
least I'm not an imate locked eatin & mastabatin
no hesitation, reprocution when da gage is bustin
Fok circumference needs comfort from dat sticky green substance
knowledge born, u been worn da flow leave mics scorn
storm a college dorm, I'm ill like children of da corn
stuck in a struggle go 2 rest, shit, wake up fightin
da dro have a nigga mentals more higher dan gas prices
I got mad respect 4 every strugglin motha
mine did it on her own 1sis, and 3 brothas
why do black folks suffer, can't prosper damnit
how da hell Mcdonalds gettin ran by hispanics
don't even get shit twisted trust Fok not racist
everyother race get in but da deport Hatians
land of da free, bitch please all dat shit is a gimic
crackers given out years like dat shit is minutes
da prisons got so many niggas they should put it in Gienuss
sick of polyin bout dis shit son, fuck it I'm finish/Peace