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Thread: new lord Superb is fiiiiiiire!

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    Big props, but I think the p/w should be without capital, i.e. "shaolin7".

    When it rains it pours is sick!! Does anybody understand what he is saying about Ghost in the beginning of verse 2? Cant really get it... Here's what I get from verse 1. Maybe someone can fill in the blanks/make corrections, would be much appreciated.

    behind every strong man is a strong woman
    behind every old gangster is a young hoodlum
    go to jail, turn blood to muslim
    they mostly do it for protection or the thugz'll book em
    these bars are the first of my life
    from the womb to the streets all i heard in my life
    as a child i felt my mom's pain
    her death numbed my feelings like the effects of cocaine
    as for pops, his nod didn't mean he agree with you
    that was the effects of the diesel
    get a little bid and they killed my brother
    daddy was sharing needles, AIDS killed my mother
    grandmother stepped up to the plate
    first it was just weed and dust then ... to the plates
    and the mirrors and the razors, lines was being snorted
    when we was doing lines wasn't no rhymes being quoted
    then these fox head niggas get dollar bill
    and big face up in the club he got killed
    we drink till we choke, nothing spilled
    sip a little remy and milk on my silk, fuck it
    we still rock chuckers, more flavors, description
    we the ... to major, we rock razors,
    shotties under quarter filled blazers
    ... was still dangerous, fuck paper honor
    this ain't living, i'd rather be dead
    visit me at my wake while my eulogy's read
    perb was a g in every sense
    gully goon gangster
    god know he made ... blew more paper
    they ... said he was ahead of his time
    and everybody spoke was ahead of his mind
    they said they taking out his brain
    his thoughts is the blueprint
    and after the funeral they let bill gates use it

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