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Thread: GHOST in Australia... Whos going?

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    Default GHOST in Australia... Whos going?

    Got my tickets already nigggga, should be a dope night, even thinking about getting some biccies for old times sake.

    Anyone else going?

    Teachin Da SeedZ

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    yea my mate told me about this last week - definitely going to it. I think its at fox studios for the sydney concert right?

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    No clue about Sydney, I'm heading off to the Perth one at Metro City.

    Teachin Da SeedZ

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    Don't say that. Though i didnt pay for my ticket so its not that big of a loss.

    Teachin Da SeedZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Art Vandelay View Post
    You guys will be lucky if Ghostface goes.
    LOL, that speaks volumes for the way many of their shows have been handled in the past.
    Quote Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
    i hope you die tonight faggit.

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