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Thread: True Story - Macho Man!

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    Default True Story - Macho Man!

    Last year on a website not so differant to this place a certain member who now goes under the name "Drunken Monk" posted an album. he was hyped up telling all to DL it as its dope and hes Wu Tangs latest Affiliate. The album was by an unheard of rapper called Macho Man.

    Out of curiosity a few people (including myself) downloaded it and checked it out.

    i can honastly say I HAVE NEVER LAUGHED SO MUCH!...Macho Man is known to the rest of the world as Nine...and the "album" was a collection of his tracks, it even had Nine's massive hit from 90's, Whutcha Want. Funny as it was, Monk still claimed that he just got the name wrong and that Nine is a wu afiliate.

    This was the first time i saw the genius of Monk, well, lack of it, as he continued to believe his own bullshit till he got banned.

    remember that Monk??

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    There is actually one user here at Corp who calls himself Drunken Monk, i call him Drunken Monkey cause hes a fool.

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    hahahahahahahaha oh shit talk about being exposed lol hahahahha
    New Music alert:

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    i have fun wit u

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