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Thread: Eminem - Relapse

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    I think it's definitely worth buying, some brilliant tracks but yeah I wouldn't pay $25 for it now, should be able to find it for a lot cheaper than that now!

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    I've slept on this album for so long. This was actually a great effort by Em and to be honest apart from the voice/accent, I don't really see why a lot of people hate on this album. Dr Dre came through with some dope beats. In fact, this was probably his finest production work of recent years. Em spazzed out on this one. The flows, the wordplay - he bodied these joints. The only one I ain't really feeling is Crack A Bottle which could've been left off. Imo this is a criminally underrated album. I'd give it an easy 8.5/10.

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    Dr. Dre made some great beats for this and Eminem once again proved how that he got more flows than probably anyone else in the game.. it's shortcoming is its lack of substance and the excessive voice acting on Em's behalf. i mean i like the album but a lot of these songs are so fucking empty content wise that he has to make up voices to try to sell them as interesting. the best song on here is without a doubt "Deja Vu", an intimate, honest and important track in his discogaphy. no voices, no shock value and infantile humor, just good storytelling and raw emotion over a fantastic Dre production. the second best cut is "Underground", such a fucking monster of a track, and the lyrics is written and delivered with a true purpose. very powerful album closer.. other highlights include "3 AM", "Old Times Sake" with Dre, and "Stay Wide Awake". i need to go back and revisit this some day .

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