Jerry Heller makes the following allegations in his book, "Ruthless."
"Will 1X, aka William Adams, grew up in South Central and shared a lot of the same turf as Eazy-E but their philosophies couldn't have been more different. Will connected to the peace and love tradition of the sixties."

When Will 1X came to "Ruthless," with a music video that he had done. It looked fantastic. Since Eazy was enthusiastic about the project, I bought the video for $5,000 dollars. Will soon started working on his album but it never seemed to get finished. It eventually entered the black hole that a lot of recording projects fall into."
"He ain't never going to finish that record," Eazy told me after working with Will for a year.

"We got to cut him and his group loose and let them go somewhere else." So we did.

Will changed his name to Will I. AM. and his band's name to the "Black Eyed Peas," and the rest is history.