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Yes it does. It just won't work with women's rights...

Would I want to share my wife with 10 other guys? In the same room or a more general sense? I think I'd have a good time if they were chill dudes. It'd be like a frat. We'd all get shit faced and watch sports and what not then run train on a slut.

I'd try it out. Hell might be a good time.

As to what chick would want 10 women fucking her husband? How the hell am I supposed to know what women think of anything, and as an aside, why do they have any say in it.
Ok, i'm by no means a feminist, more of a masculist probably.

But you're fucking kidding yourself.

Women cannot just be manipulated like that.

You might think they can, but in today society they can't.

And, you might be ok with sharing your wife/girlfriend with 10 other guys, that's your call.

Doesn't appeal to me.