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Thread: mobb deep bout to break up?

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    Default mobb deep bout to break up?

    don't know if ya heared the "mobb deep breakup" diss by havoc adressed to prodigy.

    dunno when it was released...but if it was recorded in recent past i see a bright future for havoc who will no longer have to bear the lyrical whack p.


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    Default Re: mobb deep bout to break up?

    You think they about to split up when they just signed with G-Unit? LOL, I think they'd stick together if only for the money if that was the case.

    I heard the track on a Street Wars mixtape months back. Not sure when it was actually recorded, but I think they past all that now.

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    Default Re: mobb deep bout to break up?

    shit is OLD b. peace

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    Default Re: mobb deep bout to break up?

    it kinda sounds like a nas diss

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    Default Re: mobb deep bout to break up?

    ahhh p suckz ass now, he is sooo weak wit his lyrics, he used to b sik wit it but........havoc should smack that nigga for bein so wack.

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    Default Re: mobb deep bout to break up?

    This is more than a year old! They were gonna break up but now they arent
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    Default Re: mobb deep bout to break up?

    old and no they never were gonna break up, just a rumor and this shit isnt even towards pee

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    Default Re: mobb deep bout to break up?

    did the other duke send one back???

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