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Thread: Verbal Intercourse 93' (Pre-OB4CL)

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    Default Verbal Intercourse 93' (Pre-OB4CL)


    Here we have the 12-inch of Professor Griff & Society's Blackdraft off Griff's "Disturn N Tha Peace" album released in 1993 on Luke Records. Besides the two great remixes which are remixed by Griff, this 12" is worth for its b-side(...wins again) because of its obscure forgotten non-album "5% Percenter" posse cut "Verbal Intercourse"(pre-OB4CL) featuring Lord Jamar & Sadat X of Brand Nubian and Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers. Enjoy this 12" and make sure to add this cut to your favorite hip-hop obscure list!

    A1. Professor Griff & Society - Blackdraft (Blackdot Remix)
    A2. Professor Griff & Society - Blackdot Instrumental
    A3. Professor Griff & Society - Voicez From The Essence (Blaccapella)
    A4. Professor Griff & Society - Blackdraft LP Version
    B1. Professor Griff & Society - Blacksteel Pineal Gland Mix
    B2. Professor Griff & Society - 107. Live (At The Slave Theater)
    B3. Professor Griff & Society - Verbal Intercourse (Featuring Brand Nubian & Wise Intelligent)

    --leave your comments!

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    Was Raekwon influenced by the title?

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