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    ha, all i'm saying is that i really like it.

    For all i know everyone else will hates thay kind of shit, it's just the kind of music i dig. Download the track i put up, it's a good indication of what the album sounds like.

    Other electronic albums from this year?

    Hm, i've listened to a lot of tracks, i posted a bunch of the more low end stuff that i liked from this year in the "Download What I Download" thread in the vatican.

    Most of the electro house i listen just drops as singles on blogs, so not really many great albums in that regard.

    Just looking down my itunes 2009 list though, electro albums (and EP's) that standout are:

    DatA - Skywriter
    Yuksek - Away From the Sea
    Knightlife - Knightlife EP II
    In Flagranti - Brash & Vulgar
    Binary - LA Light (compilation)
    Valerie - Valerie & Friends (compilation)

    Skywriter is definitely the best electro house album of this to me, no other full lengths really came close to it.

    As far as other miscellaneous sort of electronic stuff:

    HEALTH - Get Colour
    DJ Hell - Teufelswerk
    Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
    Zombi - Spirit Animal
    Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
    Paul White - The Strange Dreams of Paul White
    Dam Funk - Twoeachhizown
    Ducktails - Landscapes
    Zomby - One Foot Ahead of the Other EP
    Sally Shapiro - My Guilty Pleasure
    Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport
    Circlesquare - Song About Dancing and Drugs

    Not that all those were amazing (Dam Funk's album kind of was), but they each have strong points.

    On top of that a heap of dubstep, which i guess is technically electronic music.

    I figure at the end of the year i'll post a bunch of links to my favourite albums, i'll just wait until a bit later as there are some bombs dropping soon.
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