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Thread: Electronic Music Thread

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    daft punk vs. beastie boys - intergalactic robot rock

    found this mash-up on youtube. been on heavy rotation this week..makes me wanna break dance in the classrooms and shit

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    ^^ likes this thread!!

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    thanks for that daft punk vs. beasties mix

    been listening to boards of canada-boc maxima---i don't know if that would even fit here, some of it's like a psychedelic version of hip hop lol

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    Cécile is one of my favourite producers right now, all of his shit is killer.

    Not much of it on youtube unfortunately, apart from some amusing short clips from live performances.

    The following track is a good though, his other material is equally good or better.


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    Here's a podcast he did, which is savage.


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    Tennishero - Midnight Love (Original)


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    This In Flagranti track is sort of old, but it's potent.

    In Flagranti - Vegetable of The Month

    Listen here: http://hypem.com/track/780302/In+Fla...e+Of+The+Month

    Download Here: http://www.discodelicious.com/2009/03/vegetable-of-month.html

    (scroll down, right click the link, save it)

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    ^^^ya In Flagranti is ace.

    have you listened to any Glass Candy at all? it's kind of in a Italo Disco type of vein... it's hit or miss and the singer's vocals are occasionally irritating but they have some good tracks.

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    Yeah, i have the album "Love Love Love" and listened to it once and kicked it to the kurb.

    I'll give it another spin though.

    It sounded similar to the group Nite Jewel, who i prefer.

    Hm, i should make an Italo Disco post, but i'll have to wait a bit.

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    Post that Lifelike compilation Sean.

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    I have already, it's in the first post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Bateman View Post
    Yeah, i have the album "Love Love Love" and listened to it once and kicked it to the kurb.

    I'll give it another spin though.

    It sounded similar to the group Nite Jewel, who i prefer.

    Hm, i should make an Italo Disco post, but i'll have to wait a bit.
    ya "Love Love Love" is not very good...the instrumental tracks are actually the strongest imo, i like the Giorgio Moroder feel.

    Can you up some Nite Jewel stuff?

    And I would say to just up the Italo Disco stuff in this thread, it's similar enough imo.

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    Yeah, the reason i said i'll have to wait, is because i am operating on some of the slowest internet in greater Australia (and if you live here, you know that this is amazingly slow).

    What Glass Candy record/s is/are good?

    I'll try and find some links now and post them up here, but it will take a few minutes.

    Out of the Italo Disco which i've listened to (and i haven't listened to a whole lot) the stuff i like the most would be from:

    Alexander Robotnick
    Modern Talking

    There are a lot of single tracks but random acts that i have on my comp that i dig also, once i have some speed up, i can probably upload a compilation of them.

    The only reason i got into Alexander Robotnick was because i went to see him live when he randomly came here. A friend of mine got into a heated electro argument with some faggit electro nerd that night, which ended in electro violence.

    A current group who recently released an album who capture the Italo Disco vibe are Fare Soldi. I'll post some stuff of theirs in a second.

    Italo Disco, i think, is often too over the top and ridiculous for some people.

    Personally, it doesn't bother me, but i can see how the vocals especially can seem really cheesy.

    For instance, Modern Talking's 'You're My Heart, You're My Soul' is one of my favourite Italo tracks, but i can definitely understand why some people would dismiss it as a novelty track.

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    (hand over the face is a nice touch at the start Savage performance lol)

    Nite Jewel isn't really Italo, but here's a sample, might recognise it:

    Here's a live version, which is pretty bombastic.

    I always find Italo Disco has some really nice touches.

    Like the intro to Gazebo's Masterpiece or the end of Kano's 'Don't Try to Stop Me' or from 3.10-3.50 of Cube's 'Concert Boy'.

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    ya i have that nite jewel track on a compilation

    uh...i need some more of that and the cube and kano stuff whenever it's convenient

    i owe you rep on the marathon youtube post

    as far as glass candy, the best tracks that i've heard are from the 'beat box' album...they even have a cover of kraftwerk's 'computer love' that of course doesn't compare favorably to the original, but it's fairly nice imo

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