Iím bored and since Iím re-reading the books and this is a wu forum, I thought some of you might appreciate thisÖ

I loved reading the lord of the rings and other Tolkien books as a kid, and after a long period of not reading anything I was recommended a song of ice and fire about 2 years ago. And damn I didnít put those books down for 2 months straight!

Its basically a fantasy story that takes place in the US but with a medieval English setting; knights, lords, ladies, kings etc and fantasy shit of coarse. Powerful families, murder, maim, scheme, rape and war against each other for mastery of the throne. The books have a pretty dark and grim feeling to them and are excellently written. Light to read too. Very cool stuff (if you like that shit anyway)

Give it a shot

A song of ice and fire series, by George R.R. Martin:
Book 1: a game of thrones
Book 2: a clash of kings
Book 3: a storm of swords
Book 4: a feast for crows
Book 5: a dance with dragons