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Okay, so if you didn't realize I answered my own question in my statement. You further proved my statement to be true by saying there are other testimonies/letters/books not included in the Bible, which affirm Christs existence on earth, which I also know to be correct. You agreed there is other evidence of Jesus Christ. So what are you really getting at here?

There is also 'evidence' of other 'prophets' operating in the same time period. These 'prophets also claimed they were the messiah and that they had the ability to perform miracles.

All these 'prophets' are just as legitimate as each other. The evidence for each performing miracles and actually being who they claimed to be is paper-thin.

I'm not sure why you feel the need to support your faith with evidence.

There is very little evidence for many of the claims made in the bible. However, this should be irrelevant to you. Embrace the mystery of faith and stop pretending there is conclusive evidence for the existence of Jesus.