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Thread: Am I losing my Wu-Corp Passion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJMethods View Post

    The uproar of horny, manic depressed europeans saving Blackula's vagina to their hard drives.

    BigBen threatening to kill people.

    good times

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZigZag View Post
    i just find this to be hilarious that the same ppl who was upset when i aired this place out and said how shitty this piece of shit is...are now saying the same shit i said a week ago.

    this shit is ass point blank. Ain't nothing but a bunch of random nerds running this place including ringz. Some happy go lucky dumb fucks that felt they reached there pinnacle of life by being a "hall monitor" on a now corny board. Seriously i use to love this place but now i just think its really really wack other than the hiphop spot's cam'ron thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingkazim View Post
    lol. musta been some crazy place before i joined

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