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Thread: New Ghostface Killah's Album Details

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    Default New Ghostface Killah's Album Details

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    "Ghostface is coming with a new album (I cant wait for it!). Now I’ve been sitting on this info for about a week or so and seeing as Sav sent the track through, I thought screw it, Im going to let it out.

    Ghostface’s new album is going to be a little different. Its going to have more of a R&B type sound. You are going to hear the Ghostface that we heard on Beyonce’s “Summertime” Remix or Ne-Yo’s “Back Like That” Remix.

    From what I understand, the first single will be with Mary J Blige."

    end of quote

    Robbie: Can you tell me about this R & B album? Are there a lot of collaborations?
    Ghostface: Like when I did ‘Ice Cream’ and all the stuff like that. Remember ‘Ice Cream’? An album like that. A mixture of things, like you know how I did that Ne-Yo joint and ‘All That I Got Is You’ and stuff like that. It’s my last album [for Def Jam] so I wanted to do the album I always wanted to do, man. You gotta tell the fans that you not gettin’ no younger here – we gettin’ older! And everybody don’t sell crack no more, man. I don’t sell crack, yo. I ain’t movin’ no bricks or none of that other shit. I ain’t shoot nobody in like…since the early 90’s, man. How long you gonna be 40 years old and actin’ like you still sellin’ cracks and you on the block and you doin’ this and you doin’ that when times is more serious, man. We in a fuckin’ recession, B! Ain’t nobody gettin’ no money, man! We gotta stop lyin’ to ourselves and lyin’ to the fans. And the fans gotta stop bein’ so dumb and ignorant, and know it’s time to talk about grown-man situations. Shit that happen in the real life, inside your household, your love life, your personal life, that’s just like, ‘Damn, it’s hard for a nigga to get some money!’ It might be so hard to get some money that your girl might wanna leave you someday because you ain’t get no money like you like you used to be getting’ money! Those are real situations, so I think it should start goin’ back to songs that mean shit. All that other shit outside is just gonna keep us dumb, deaf and blind, yo, and we ain’t never gonna get nowhere.
    What record best describes you?
    Soul music describes me, before hip-hop and everything. If you go back to the early 70’s and late 60’s, that music is the essence of me. After that it’s breakbeats, then it comes all that rap music and other stuff like that.

    full interview
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    thanks but we already knew that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korleon View Post
    thanks but we already knew that
    "Borough hopping, copping bricks, bags, burners and kicks City slickers, circling the strip, working them tricks"
    -Rebel INS the GREAT!!!

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    Lmao, someone needs some chuckers

    Quote Originally Posted by CharlesJones
    I didn't like it because of the beats.

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    ghostface's album is coming in september.


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