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Thread: Portishead

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    Thumbs up Portishead

    I own all three of their masterpiece: Dummy, Portishead, Live At Roseland. Yes, their third album was a live version of their previous songs, but the sound is superior to already classic musical compositions. Beth Gibbons sends chills once her voice come through the microphone, along with the dark soundscapes (reminiscing of RZA's early production) provided by Geoff Barrow. I promise if you love classic albums, you must pick up Portishead.

    Undefined, Over, Roads, Pedestal, Glory Box, Wandering Stars, Roseland NYC Live (the album)>>>>>>>>>>>then everything else out there.

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    Default Re: Portishead

    I'd like to see an album of their instrumentals released.
    Beth's voice is good, but sometimes it stops me listening to them cause it's so melancholic.

    Overall though, they are pretty good.

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    I'd like to see anything released they been on hiatus for mad years. Do they really still exist? On the Portishead board fans are boycotting the group for taking so much time off
    Back to the essence with that shit you stressin!

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    Beth's voice is amazing

    The dark soundscapes are really what grabs me though

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    they make the sickest hip hop bests. Portishead beats and Wu vocals... damnnnn.
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