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Thread: Inspectah Deck - Uncontrolled Substance

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    aight so i have seen a lot of things on here i agree with but i'll still put it in my words

    one of the first posts i read said that no track really stood out and i think that is a lot of the problem with this record

    recently i've been bumping a wu album for like 2 months straight, went from cuban linx to ironman to liquid swords to tical. decided i'd fuck with this one about 2 weeks ago and i still feel like it is a struggle to get through it all. i just get bored. deck is a sick MC but he really doesn't shine on this record. u-god straight killed him on both tracks he was on, and other than that Rec Room is of course a classic anthem. Friction is mad nice, The Cause has a tight ass beat

    my biggest BIGGEST problem is Forget Me Not. i listened to it probably 5 times and now i skip it every time (which is fine with me cause it splits the huey joints so i just get huey twice in a row), but that song, especially the hook, sucks really really bad.

    overall it's a good record. not a GREAT record. but it's strong, just not strong enough to be held high with the first 7 albums (and the Swarm, and the Pillage, and probably In Stereo)

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    ^oh yeah, also, production was only sub-par, couple BANGAZZZ but mostly just mediocre beats

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    I actually like the track All I want is mine from Resident patient better than any track on this album. Good album though. His love songs are horrible though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by B O T View Post
    opinions, opinions

    this album has some great beats on it. there's 2 or 3 songs i skip. deck is aiight on here, i dont think he's a very good storyteller. he's much better with battle rhymes. he tried to tell stories and he wasnt very good at it. u-god COMPLETELY outclassed deck on the songs he was on with him. lyrically this is WAY below deck's potential.

    gotta say I pretty much agree with this.

    Really like REC Room, 9th Chamber and Friction. Grand Prix is cheesy but I can't help really liking it. Uncontrolled Substance needed the dick on the chorus removed like someone else said.

    I always thought Deck, U-God and Masta should have come with an album together. Having said that, U-God, Deck and Street Life always sound nice together as well (like Semi Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket and Grand Prix).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow Dartz View Post
    Track Listing
    01 : Intro
    02 : Movas & Shaker - I'm feeing this shit right here very hot. 4.5/5
    03 : 9th Chamber ft. LA The Darkman, Baretta 9, Killa Sin & Streetlife- FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE all verses are hot 4.5/5
    04 : Uncontrolled Substance ft. Shadii - I'm feeling this shit Nigga need to stop siging though. 4/5
    05 : Femme Fatale - Deck can't do women tracks 3.5/5
    06 : The Grand Prix ft. U-God & Street Life - This is my shit STREETLIFE owns this track. 4.5/5
    07 : Forget Me Not - Deck can't do women tracks. 3.5/5
    08 : Longevity ft. U-God - U-God ripped this shit. 4/5
    09 : Word On The Street - Deck Did his thing lyrically i can quote any line from this track. 4.5/5
    10 : Elevation - I'm feeling this shit deck did his thing with the beat. 4/5
    11 : Lovin You ft. LA The Darkman - 5/5 This shit is hot it makes me think back alot(can't get too deep)
    12 : Trouble Man - Deck can't really do a love track 3.5/5
    13 : R.E.C. Room - Deck killed this shit Deck is coming hard and the beat gets me hype 5/5
    14 : Friction ft. Masta Killa - This is my shit right here I wanna bang this in a car so bad Masta kills this shit 5/5
    15 : Hyperdermix - Shit is fire right here Deck is doing his thing on the Lyrically tip 4/5
    16 : Show N Prove - I like this shit right here deck is nice on it. 4/5
    17 : The Cause ft. Street Life - This beat gives me a crazy feeling, the song is fire i love this shit. 4.5/5

    Overall 4/5 I'll give this cd. The women tracks fuck it up. It's all good.
    I had to change my rating to 4.5/5. I played this cd in the car it became better than before.
    Lyrics- 4.5/5
    Beats- 4.5/5
    Read the Red

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    Intro - Messed up this guy is like a skag head.

    Movas & Shakers - 4th best solo.

    9th Chamber - Real KIlla Beez track Killa Sin rips it.

    Unconrtolled Substance - 2nd best solo, Shadii' s voice is straight velvet.

    FemmeFatale - Poor atempt.

    Grand-Prix - "Wu-Banga number 9" - INS.

    Forget Me Not - Pretty Poor, skip it usually.

    Longevity - Clearly the best track on the album U-God & Deck are like complete opposites on the mic.

    Word On The Street - Just lingers on & on.

    Elevation - Produced by himself but a bit to slow & soft for him I think Ghost Suited it more on Supreme Clientele.

    Lovin' You - This track always brings a smile to my face the beat, the voice in the beat really cool.Idon't usually like tunes about girls because most of them are degrading but not this one it's all about equality.

    Trouble Man - Not that bad but again not great.

    R.E.C. Room - Now were talking, 1st place on the CD for solo joints

    Friction - Messy track Masta Killa always brings something new to the table and Deck is seriouysly on point -
    "Pretty like the subway tracks
    My protocol
    Perminent like Gaffitti on the project wall"

    Hypermix - I was feeling this one, really different.

    Show'n'Prove - 2nd best solo.

    The Cause - Always forget about this one pretty good though.

    I would agree and say that "The Resident Patient" is better han this.
    But in the future I hope that Deck makes a album in the mould of
    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... with mad features and just a couple of solo's then you would have his best album.He seems to benefit from others on the track with him.
    Last edited by Guarded By Martyrs; 06-25-2007 at 02:55 PM.

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    resident patient is better than uncontrolled substance..?? nah.. resident patient had one dope track .. that was the first track wit masta!! uncontrolled substance was a sleeper hit.. it had some dope tracks on it.. it wasnt on par wit bobby digital in stereo or anything.. but it is majorly slept on..and i enjoy listening to it ..its decks first and only dope album..

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    Only good thing about Uncontrolled Substance is the album cover picture and album pictures hahahahahahahahahahaha. The album cover picture is tight. I like that Wu Tang jacket Inspectah Deck has on the album cover. I was very disappointed with the beats on this album and the 2 wack love songs. Inspectah Deck went soft with the love songs.

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    Bangin album! 9/10
    lyrics 9/10 Beats 9/10

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    i was listening to some of the songs off this album the other day cause i hadnt in a while and i thought they were nice as hell. its definitely a good album.

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    Dope album! If it had a little more RZA and perhaps a little more spottings from guys like Street and other Wu generals, it would have BLOWN up. I bought the album and it's in my collection of the best.

    Respect to Quiet Storm for the signature

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    I don't know why no one likes this troubleman...


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    01 : Intro
    02 : Movas & Shakers (5/5, basically a club joint but with that ill soul swing)
    03 : 9th Chamber ft. LA The Darkman, Baretta 9, Killa Sin & Streetlife (4/5, nice track but not amazing)
    04 : Uncontrolled Substance ft. Shadii (4/5, very nice track)
    05 : Femme Fatale (5/5, crazy beat, dope lyrics)
    06 : The Grand Prix ft. U-God & Street Life (4/5 good track)
    07 : Forget Me Not (3/5 not as bad as most people claim but just a bit bland)
    08 : Longevity ft. U-God (4/5, nice track)
    09 : Word On The Street (4/5, nice beat with great lyrics)
    10 : Elevation (5/5, nice reflip of another INS beat, great lyrics)
    11 : Lovin You ft. LA The Darkman (5/5, hot shit! nice love song, don't hear beats like this very often)
    12 : Trouble Man (4/5 dope lyrics, very catchy soulful joint)
    13 : R.E.C. Room (5/5 have this in my head all the time, its just addictive)
    14 : Friction ft. Masta Killa (4/5, okay track, a bit disappointing after RZAs other contribution)
    15 : Hyperdermix (4/5 cool track)
    16 : Show N Prove (3/5 a bit boring)
    17 : The Cause ft. Street Life (5/5 really liked this track, Inspectah Deck is a very talented beatmaker, lots of different elements goin on and both street and ins came correct)

    overall 4/5. Not a classic but a very good album, it sounds very wu production wise but imo ins needed more up tempo stuff cos about half of the album got very slow beats that don't really suit him that well. Still i was pleasantly surprised and it takes quite a few listens to sink in, but a very good album with some possible classic tracks.

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    Movas & Shakers (4/5)
    9th Chamber (4.5/5)
    Uncontrolled Substance (3.5/5)
    Femme Fatale (2/5)
    The Grand Prix (3.5/5)
    Forget Me Not (2/5)
    Longevity (3.5/5)
    Word on The Street (3/5)
    Elevation (3/5) [check how much better ghost flipped this beat]
    Lovin' You (5/5)
    Trouble Man (4/5)
    R.E.C. Room (5/5)
    Friction (4/5)
    Hyperdermix (4/5)
    Show n Prove (4.5/5)
    The Cause (3/5)

    A pretty boring album that could have been so much better if more work was put behind it. Deck is probably the member i most would like to hear on a RZA produced album, these beats don't do him justice. Although I really don't think he's that good as a solo MC, his voice gets boring fast (he should have more great guests on his albums)... Overall: 3.25/5

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    Poll Added!

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