Sunny, try not to get in a liberal uproar and erase this. I am not a republican. I am not a Democrat. Those two groups have one thing in common, they represent money. Barack Obama represents money. He represents the rich and Wall Street. So what has he done? Remember Bush? He held a Republican majority in Congress and shoved whatever bill he wanted down our throats. Obama holds a Democratic majority in congress and what has he done with it? Nothing. Scientists say we need to curb greenhouse gases by 40% over the next 10 years. Obama signed a bill that would cut greenhouse gases by 4%. What a pussy. The press uproared about his "bills" to close Gitmo and start bringing our troops home within the next 14 months, but that's not what those "bills" said at all. All they really were was a promise to "look at" the problem further down the line, meanwhile people are still being tortured and our youth is still getting blown up by roadside bombs. The biggest blunder by far however is what he actually DID do. He threw good money after bad, bailing out his buddies on Wall Street keeping the wealth with the wealthy.

Look, if something is not working, throwing money at it will not fix the problem. Quite the contrary, all it is is wasteful spending. Companies MUST be allowed to fail. This way the companies that were working, can buy up all those assets making them even stronger companies. It's like this, if you have a daughter who hasn't the slightest clue as to the value of money and she maxes out the 3 credit cards you give her in 3 days, you don't pay her bills, give her 3 more cards and pat her on the back and say it's ok, you CUT those motherfuckers up.

Look for the devaluization of the US dollar, coming soon to a neighborhood near you. We're fucked.