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Thread: Ghost Ninja Clan - The Ancient Scrolls EP

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    Default Ghost Ninja Clan - The Ancient Scrolls EP

    Yo PEACE TO ALL, this is the incomplete Ghost Ninja Clan EP......Just click the links and the song download will pop up. It is incomplete and still needs 2 more songs and one song has to be finished, but soon it will be released......then coming soon is the album......PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! For more info check out www.soundclick.com/ghostninjaclan


    p.s. Please leave me feedback and questions, etc on how you feel about these songs...it would be appreciated alot......and if anyone out there spits and would like to be featured on one of our songs, check out the last song and spit sumthin and send it back to me...... thx

    The Ancient Scrolls EP (incomplete)

    1. Life Goes On

    2. Betta Bee Ready

    3. Evil Ways

    4. Dart Picaso

    5. Warrior Minded

    6. Tha Snipemen (incomplete version)

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    Default Re: Ghost Ninja Clan - The Ancient Scrolls EP


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    Default Re: Ghost Ninja Clan - The Ancient Scrolls EP

    Can't wait, I'd buy the shit

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    Default Re: Ghost Ninja Clan - The Ancient Scrolls EP

    shit is mega iLL..



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