Anybody listen to Trulife? The reason I'm posting this is because Tru was an opening act for a Ghostface concert I had gone to ( Joe's Chicago 2005). Tru started getting into it with the crowd. Tru decided to throw a bottle of Heineken at someone in the crowd which started a damn near riot. The bottle tossing went back & forth between Tru & crew and the crowd. Eventually someone threw a bottle that hit Tru on the face & he started bleeding. The security couldn't keep control so the cops finally came & rescued and escorted Tru & his people ou of the venue. By this time the floor was covered in beer & glass. Half the crowd had left out of fear of the fighting & fear that the show would be canceled. Some time passed & Ghost finally comes out to perform & excite the much smaller crowd. I was wondering if any one from Chicago/Wucorp had gone to this show? Sorry if the thread is misleading. It was something I'll never forget. Peace!