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Thread: D-Block Presents Poops: Prepare for Glory Mixtape

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    Default D-Block Presents Poops: Prepare for Glory Mixtape

    Some pretty good shit on here.

    I like it better than D-Block No Security, and waaay better than Jadas album.

    D-Block guys always seem to come harder on their mixtape shit.

    01. Hog Tied Ft. Styles P (Produced By Poobs)
    02. Back On The Street Ft. Sheek Louch (Produced By Poobs)
    03. Come All Ft. Bucky, Styles P, Don-D And T.Y. (Produced By Poobs)
    04. Streets Call'Em Bully Ft. Bully (Produced By Vinny Idol)
    05. 7 Days 6 Nights Ft. T.Y. (Produced By Mr. Potter)
    06. Zoom Ft. Straws, Bully And Poobs (Produced By Poobs)
    07. Other Than That Ft. Styles P And Jadakiss (Produced By Poobs)
    08. Is What It Is Ft. Don-D And T.Y. (Produced By Poobs)
    09. Unstoppable Ft. Bucky (Produced By Poobs)
    10. That's My Nigga Ft. The LOX (Produced By Vinny Idol)
    11. Miracle Ft. Large Amount (Produced By Poobs)
    12. So Many Things Ft. Straws And Poobs (Produced By Vinny Idol)
    13. Who's The Target Ft. Styles P And A.P. (Produced By Poobs)
    14. Savage Ft. A.P. (Produced By Poobs)
    15. 456 Ft. Don-D And T.Y. (Produced By Poobs)
    16. Cocaine Spitter Ft. Styles P (Produced By Poobs)
    17. Need Bail Ft. Poobs, Trav And Straws (Produced By Poobs)
    18. Pain Ft. Large Amount And A.P. (Produced By Poobs)
    19. Ghost Ft. Styles P (Produced By Poobs)
    The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and in triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

    People are too stupid to effectively conspire to do anything, but not too stupid to come up with conspiracy theories.

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    Looks good. Got a link? This track's niceness...

    When I'm writing in my room

    It's like a child that's fighting in the womb

    - KP -

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    Got it the other day but haven't had the chance to bump yet. Got a lot of other shit to hit up first. Is T. Waters on the album? he still with D-Block Next Gen? I haven't seen him on the last 2 albums unless i'm mistaken.

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