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Thread: How many hours of sports per week did you do back in school?

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    the Brits do suck as sports
    Look eye, always look eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by check two View Post
    It seems like the only exercise chicks get nowadays is their mouth moving while talking on their stupid cell phones. Broads nowadays can't even suck a proper di*k without being on their cell phones at the same time.

    you forgot that when girls go shopping we go into every single shop and walk around for hours. i know i can shop for about 6 hours straight and only stopping for a coffee and/or a fag.

    and don't forget the girls who like to go out clubbing and dance the night away.
    Quote Originally Posted by Senator C. Palantine View Post
    you know Trixx is ODB, right?

    Listen to Jay-z's last album, it's all there.

    Decipher, son.

    Don't want no puss filled yellowheaded dick man

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