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Thread: Damn!!! i slept on J5!!!

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    Default Damn!!! i slept on J5!!!

    i heard of em 2/3 years ago, i was like yeah they aight. then i discovered supernat this year. got his mixtae the lost freestyle files n heared the track with J5 on it. talk about ill!!!!!!! so on thurday i got J5 LP and man that is ill!!!!!! i kno they more abut beats, or thas what i get from J5 LP rather than ecmeein but i'd like 2 hear more emceein. and Charli 2Na...ni@@as ill!!! can't wait to cop his 'Fish market' mixtape , as well as the rest of J5 group albums.

    thoughts?? am i right, more about beats??

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    Default Re: Damn!!! i slept on J5!!!

    they are tight, most of their songs i like, beats are amazing and lyrics, i get confused about concepts of songs sometimes though, such as "A day at the race" from their pwoer in numbers album. THAT SHIT IS DOPE, get it.

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    Default Re: Damn!!! i slept on J5!!!

    I always like Remember His Name, the track where he's talking about death, J5 are ill; their EP and their 2 albums are all woth getting.
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    Default Re: Damn!!! i slept on J5!!!

    Pick up Quality Control or Power In Numbers. sick albums.

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    Default Re: Damn!!! i slept on J5!!!

    mam, dopn't sleep on these guys. fucking ill. their beats are amazing thanks to nu mark and cut but on the mic they all spit fire, my fav would be soup but tuna, marc7, and akil are fucking dope. seriously listen their mcing efforts on power in numbers and quality control.

    power in numbers=one best album of the 21st century.

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    Default Re: Damn!!! i slept on J5!!!

    they performing sat night doing a local show...so i have to be there

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