Method Man - Tical (1994)

Track Listing

01 : Tical
02 : Biscuits
03 : Bring The Pain ft. Booster
04 : All I Need
05 : What The Blood Clot
06 : Meth Vs. Chef ft. Raekwon
07 : Sub Crazy
08 : Release Yo' Delf ft. Blue Raspberry
09 : P.L.O. Style ft. Carlton Fisk
10 : I Get My Thang In Action
11 : Mr. Sandman ft. RZA, Inspetah Deck, Streetlife, Carlton Fisk & Blue Raspberry
12 : Stimulation ft. Blue Raspberry
13 : Method Man (Remix)
14 : I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By ft. Mary J. Blige

Hip hop critics and Wu-tang critics will always have different opinions of this album. SOme may say it is the best Wu-tang album made...while some may argue that this is not a classic album and that Method Man doesnt even have a classic album, although he is on the lists of many peoples favourite emcees. Others may argue that this isnt a hip hop classic, but is a "wu classic". Others may say it's Meths only good "all the wu-tang solos pre '97 era are good". The reviews of this album are always fun to look at....and the opinons will be very different.

Nevertheless, this album is certified platinum and was the first solo wu-tang LP to do how good is it? The people who post below this will say.......