ever since this Hoe Buggin shit started this previously sane seeming but slighty dull indivdual of Wu corp community has decided to devote most of his waking life to defending the name of........

.....Joe Buddins?


if youve been following the threads in the vicinity of the wu chamber you wouldve seen him around.

The question is.....why?

This man has become easily the maddest poster on an already sexually repressed group of faggots board, over Joe Buddins.

Its pretty sad.

Also PROFFESSSOR ENG - Can you please ban EVERY SINGLE PERSON who joined this site in the months of June and July, its prety obvious they all came from hoebuggin.com, and they all smell of sweet flowers on a spring morning.

Theyre sweet and dainty, but were killa beez nigguh, get em out of here.

Also ban all posters from New Jersey, they all are fags. This P Noid Brown v.2.0 is worse than Slick.

That will be all.