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Thread: The Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

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    I think she's very pretty. Honestly, I do not think she's the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet. You haven't seen EVERY woman that there is. Good picture, though.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Hound View Post
    I don't want to put the effort in to meeting women Call it $600 a month and that's just $300 a fortnight out of my pay, so what? I get to fuck top of the line 10/10 sluts and not deal with the other bullshit that comes with women
    Quote Originally Posted by TSA
    That's why I really can't fuck with escorts. They're just fucking you cause you paid them so that's wack, they cost money, only seem like a good idea before you nut

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBoarzHeadBoy View Post
    You can't say a dude is cute. WTF? You can say a dudes "handsome", or a "lady killa", or hell, i'd accept "dreamy" if you said it in a comically homo voice, but cute? Hell no.

    Men must stick to their principles.

    My opinion? Actions are cute, people are not.

    If a girl is cute, it means she's compelling rather than plainly good looking. Like a decent looking girl who likes some of the stuff as you is cute. The hot chick who you have nothing in common with but a desire to fuck is hot. If you'd hang out with her because its enjoyable rather than a step towards sex she's cute.

    So I don't think cute describes T.I. I think he's a good looking guy, I'll nod to the sentiment he's skinny, and leave it there. I don't think "cute" describes any rapper [besides lil mama, she's just so adorable...]
    yeah handsome sounds less homo
    i guess
    LOL @ lil mama

    ain't nothing change but the address...

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    not really into blondes.. but i can tall yah theres no shortage of blondes in here where im at.

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