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Thread: I found a series on the origins of humanity in north america and other places

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy The Pimp View Post
    Depends on who you ask.

    In my honest opinion it would be better to disregard the entire series, because of the extreme bias.


    You can use it as a basis to start looking for answers. Look into each of these cultures in depth and on their own, Get other view points. Then you can come back and look at specifically which parts the narrator has truth in what he was talking about and which parts were his personal bias.

    Exactly...any type of study of culture is going to lead to an automatic bias. THis is like Anthropology 101 stuff.

    What is the backround of the maker of the video??? What is his purpose in making this video??

    Quote Originally Posted by speakonitgod View Post
    word plus it ain't like they teach you all of his story in schools, most of the time youre gettin some watered down eurocentric view of how things went down
    Your not going to get this in depth in high school. There just is not enough time.

    If 'school' is a watered down 'eurocentric' version of things, in your own words, would these videos be a 'doctored up afrocentric' version of things???

    So is the single celled organism superior to the human being because it came first???

    Something always came from something else.....so lets say blacks were in the AMericas before the red indians...well which blacks, and which blacks amongst this tribe and amongst that tribes family etc. etc.

    You can go on and on, and if you just want to trace it for pure historical purposes than great.

    But if you are doing it in an attempt to prove that your people were greater, than your work more than likely will be biased. Especially the farther back you go.
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    Sarah toyne, in an article published in the UK daily Sunday Times, declared boldly that"the first people to inhabit America were Australian Aborigines not American Indians." citing evidence for the theory of a trans-Pacific migration by way of sea, rather than land. The 12,000 year old remains of a young girl unearthed in Brazil comprise to date the early human skeleton found in the Americas. This girl, whomscientist have named Luzia has proven to be conclusive evidence that the first Americans were Blacks out of Asia.

    Walter Neves, professor of biological anthropology at the University of Sao paolo examined the skull for clues into the anthropological ancestry of the earliest Americans and shocked by the results he responded:

    "When we started seeing the results it was amazing because we realized the statistics were not showing these people to be Mongoloid; they were showing that they were anything except Mongoloid. They are similar to modern-day Aborigines and Africans and show no similarities at all with Mongoloids from east Asia and modern-day Indians."

    Luzia's skull was then reconstructed by University of Manchester forensic artist Petr Neave, who echoed the remarks of Neves remarking:

    "That to me is a negroid face. The proportions of the face do not say anything about it being Mongoloid."

    Toyne asserted lastly the possibility that these "American Aborigines" were almost entirely decimated by the encroaching populations of later American migrants (who would form the bulk of today's Native American population) but anthropologist believe that some of their descendants interbred with these later arrivals survived in the remote island off the souther tip of South America known as Tierra del Fuego. Relatively isolated here they survived until European settlement, bringing with it its typical plethora of unfamiliar sicknesses and diseases struck the final deathblow for the majority of the native Fuegan peoples.

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    The people of the 2nd wave were of the type labeled "Asiatic Negroids." These Blacks are akin to the Melanesian types of West Papua, New Guinea and other pacific Islanders who retain the dark skin pigmentation "snub nose" and full lips common to both the Australoid and Asiatic Blacks but do not share certain features the most prominent of which is hair textrure. These Blacks, unlike the Australoid have hair of the ulotrichoi type common in Sub-saharan Africa. Like them, these Asiatic "Negroids" (as opposed to Negro.....) are also differentiated into two major physical types. In both Afica and Asia, there is a taller slender population and a related diminutive "pygmy" population called "negrito" in Asia as opposed to "negrillo" in Africa. Of course, neither term is intended to be flattering nor a representation of what the individual peoples call themselves. At any rate the peoples Gladwin hesitantly refers to as "Pygmoid" are found in relatively sparse numbers in the Americas and seem to have accompanied the taller "Asiatic Negroid" peoples with whom they were closest related. The two populations "Negroid" and "Negritoid" share more affinities with each other than either does with the Australoid type.

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    This is answers to questions nobody but a time traveler could answer. There are many therories. Many laughed at scholars, the proof can be manipulated by anybody to fit their own paradigm.

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