I Want You All To Read And Pay Heed, This World Has One Problem.
Its Called Greed. This Is Also Known As Human Sin. Only When You Lay Down Your Beliefs And Start Believing In Yourself Will You Achieve True Enlightenment. There Are Many Demons That Fortify The Concept Of Greed. Drugs, Drink, Abuse (In So Many Forms), Envy, Beligerism, Racisim, Aphartied, Sectarianism. No One Man Can Stand Alone And Say He Has Done No Wrong. No One Person Can Say They Are The Best. What About The Rest. People Cant Precieve That Life Is A Test, My SoulJa's Are Stressed. We Have Demons, People Who Kill With Out Meanin. Without Blinking Or Breathing. Governments Scheming, To Keep You Under. Well What We Have Here Now Let No Man Tear Asunder. We Are Stronger Than We Have Ever Been Or Asked For. But We Still Battle Each Other. Maybe This Is Just Our Training. I Feel That This World Has A Chip On Its Shoulder. Imagine We Could Eat That Fuckin Chip. Thats What You All Are Really Trying To Do. Living Your Life In Ignorance To The Fact That There Is A PROBLEM Wont Help You Solve It. Thats Why I Am Involved In This.
Maybe Im Socialist Or Comunist Whatever The Fuck, I Am True, I Am Pure, I Sterelize My Thoughts Before I Speak. I Question My Beliefs. Sometimes I Cant Sleep And So I Roam The Streets. Lighting Fires Under Trees In The Park To Get Heat. I Think About Everyone Every Day. I Pray For You All.

Hold Strong Guard.

And Remember This Is Just A Story

From The Real.

As Per Clifford