good to see infinity

i been married about 2 years now, little girl about to be born in like a week and a half

it's fuckin tough sometimes tho, especially in this day and age i'll tell you
through the thick and thin we been in in such a short period of time, and it could get worse at any moment, but i'm doing what i gotta do for the kids. all about the kids.

which, 20 years down the line, when the kids are grown and moved or moving on, leaves alot of people really looking at each other and wondering if they did the right thing staying with each other, i suppose.
cuz honestly there are certain times when i wonder what the fuck i'm doing with anyone monogamously, let alone this great woman who wanted to be with me forever. i know that at this point everything i do is for my the kids, especially my unborn. but probably pretty much the only way i wouldn't be with my wife is if one of us cheated.

i dunno, maybe i'll could contribute some real wisdom about married life 5-10 years from now, i'm sure we'll all still be here amirite ha

for now though, in ways i'm still like a fuckin youngin forreal. but i'm pushing 30, and while i ain't gotta grow up at heart, i still gotta show responsibility and do the right things.
which is easy to write, but alot harder to do in real life, just gotta try.

i'm all for marriage tho.

but having kids should require a license, because there's a rack of people out there who shouldn't procreate lol