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    Quote Originally Posted by check two View Post
    I didn't realize I said that I had a big problem with it and that it was that important. I guess that a guy should never ask the weight of a woman's laptop. Have you sent Cilvaringz a pm about this?
    what does the weight of a laptop have to do with anything? i've already explained why i don't want to carry a laptop around with me everyday. since i carry my phone around with me everyday it would just make life a lot easier. why would i want to carry my phone AND my laptop around with me?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ol' Dirty Trixˣ View Post
    it's a 15" laptop and i'm not carrying it around with me. it doesn't fit in my handbag.

    it's not like i wanna go to my friends house and 'casually' open my laptop. i'll need my phone for internet connection anyway so i might as well just check the site on my phone.

    you can't deny that it's easier and a lot more convenient to carry a phone around than it is a laptop.

    i do not want to carry a laptop around with me on public transport.

    do you want me to get mugged? wtf?!
    my laptop happens to weigh 6.8 lbs. that's 6.8lbs that i shouldn't have to carry around with me every day. i have to carry enough in my hand bag as it is, i don't want to carry any more weight than i need to. even if my laptop weighed 2 grams, it's 15 fucking inches, it doesn't fit in my handbag!

    you've been against the idea since the start of this thread. why? when it doesn't even affect you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Senator C. Palantine View Post
    you know Trixx is ODB, right?

    Listen to Jay-z's last album, it's all there.

    Decipher, son.

    Don't want no puss filled yellowheaded dick man

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