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Thread: Vinnie Paz

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    IMO butcherknife bloodbath was the dopest track on history of violence, the beat kinda reminded me of blood in blood out, i like jus allah, i wish he would stop tryin to be gruff, his voice was dope on VBD, yea i think paz knows hes not the greatest lyricist ever that mite explain all the guest appearances by superior mcs like sean price, gza, priest, g rap, percee p, and so on, but jus allah is a sick mc.

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    Paz has to be one of the most original emcees on the mic at the moment. He knows where he stands and gives credit to others better then him. he was influenced by a whole other style of hip hop but yet still rymes the way he wants to ryme.

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    iT aINT A GaMe DaDdY.

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    A great lyricist, fuck what others say , on their 2006 album Vinnie Paz really stepped his game up as far as the lyrics go (they've always been dope in my opinion), and his delivery and voice is what I wanna hear from a rapper, some raw stuff....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldie View Post
    IMO Paz is ill, when he isnt spittin and hating on gays etc he does have some intelligent things to say - haters of Paz please dont get all nitty picky & technical and quote me on that cos im not abouts to go thru his whole catalogue fishing out lines

    i agree 100% has many deep creative lyrics,. that go with my view of the world.. so the poetry is sick. but some of his tracks.. he just spits retarted shit (with the odd sick lines)

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