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    Yo check it living in the last days of time/ insight calms my mind /faith and wisdom steady shine/ sights and signs at its peak /Wu york the giant on his feet/ leaving prints that will forever remain /these fake mcs cant comperhend the wu slang/ no mater what darts i spit/ mikes i crush/ flows i bust/ i will remain true to the grain/ i learned from the vets/ the Godz of hip hop will flame/ lyrics will sting /realize struggle before your eyes/ only the real will survive/ i represent Wu Fam/ so protect your neck/ keep your chin tucked / before you get sucked beneath the surface for no purpose cause yours worthless to the cause/ take pride in my stride/to make sure u can feel Lumkilabe buzzing at your hide/i hear no ones lyrics in the mainstream/Wu hall of fame scripters never seen or shown/I squeezed a death angel because you's a stranger u never enterd the 36 chamber/tombstone shown you already came and gone its your last home/ before i zone out/W.T.C is what im all about its so easy to take u threw a Wu chamberd route/ blazed blades ripping threw your skully mentaly and phsicaly jaguar sharp ability/almighty absords tranquality/i gotta be Wu-bloodkin who can out flow/out pen/ fake mcs trend/that shit wont blend with what im about to send/long over due/keep your 3rd eye open if i were u/dont sleep on any wu beat/just take your seat/because the rza never fails to enter/wu cells/wu sells /wu prevails/ all Hail the Great Lumkilabe from Prospect in N.C that be Robeson County/Home of my Lumbee Tribe/Native American Indian Represent World wide/ and for that fake ass unit Theodore owns u /u Fucked up when u dis Wu/ its all about respect this year fool/ so none will be granted to you not from my camp/ come to north carolina and get revamped/ peace this is just a start coming from my Wutang Heart/im out so restart/ take notes cast your fucking votes/cognac and purple haze chokes/dont prevoke my shit is bite proof u will end up in a YOKE

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    Its a long verse, well i suppose the title suits its!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Spoken like a true Shaolin master.

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