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Thread: Who mods the KTL section?

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    Wait so the person who runs KTL believes white people were put here by aliens?

    And Ghostlaced was right when he said "He is single handily driving people away from KTL" I could agree with this, matter of fact his obvious bias on a few sunbjects is the reason why I don't post in there that much anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcidPhosphate69 View Post
    I wouldn't say that's racist per se. I'd say it's kinda wrong to judge the rest of us "whites" based on our bad history. Would you call a young German boy a Nazi because his grandparents may or may not have been?

    It just seems a little off to me. If the NOI are seperatist, that's fine. That's their choice. I have no problem with that. But blaming us average white people is wrong. You think I've oppressing anybody while I'm working two jobs and trying to get out of a hole I dug as a teenager? I'd have to say no to that one. I just don't have the time.

    you must not be reading my post - most of yall who have a problem are most likely not reading my words - but i'm not going to keep repeating myself - if yall don't like the way KTL is going, then stay outa there - its that simple - if you chose to not read what i post or angrily skip over what i'm saying or dismiss what i'm saying, there will be no understanding - Nick and Ghost just want to paint a negative picture for the hell of it - they know they are wrong - they are either straight up devils, or paid to slander - some of yall just got bad reading comprehension skills or cannot or will not focus on whats being said to yall - and thats ok - but i won't allow yall to disrupt KTL -

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    why da fuck u delete my post?

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