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Thread: Cuban linx 2 cover

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    The point I was trying to make is the cover is a big let down for such an important album for Rae, Wu Tang and hip hop in general.

    There have been so many weak albums over the last ten years this release has the potential to change this and put the emphasis back on quality lyrics, delivery flow, real hip hop beats not that popish shit all hip hop artists are putting out and most important of all Cuban linx 2 might drive other rappers to make good quality complete albums. Nowadays rappers just release a bunch of songs recorded around the same time, with most albums following the same formula. Basically this album could bring real hip hop back. For me the cover is a let down, only my opinion of course
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    Who are you? And why did you think anyone cared enough about your opinion that you had to make a thread on something almost 2 months late?

    lmfao @ thinking this album would "bring real hip hop back"
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    Quote Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
    The cover is fucking wack

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    Is this definitely the official cover? I don't think its that bad cos its kinda cool that it pays homage to the original. On the other hand they could have put a lot more thought and time into this. Its almost like what they would have done for a cover of a remastered edition of the first album. I mean its almost exactly the same.

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    It looks like a license photo.

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