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Thread: Article About the time Masta Killa socked the reporter (By the reporter himself)

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    Default Article About the time Masta Killa socked the reporter (By the reporter himself)

    by a stroke of pure luck, i came across this scan (from the source) on a totally unrelated website, i was like damn, gotta post that on the corp lol

    "I got this

    lol at it being over some shit from 6 months earlier, and them remembering the dude, and setting him up for a fall hahahhaahahah. more proof that MK never gave a fuck about his "rap career" or took shit serious. There were things more important, like respect.

    times have changed man, this shit would never happen now, especially not without a court case.

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    damn over a hundred views not one reply, the nigga food 4 thoght qouted it in his sig already even, didnt at least appreciate the thread?

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    its interesting to hear his perspective. cheers

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    This shit has been posted too many times, stop starting threads that have been done to death faggot.
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