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Thread: Fishing Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by GZAjector View Post
    yo i could never figure out what this shit right here was

    me and my boy took a trip to OC, MD a few years back and sat on a dock getting fucked up and fished in the sound for like 6 hours and caught prolly 15-20 different kinds of fish. filleted alot of them shits up, cooked em, fuckin bomb.

    except this thing, we were like wtf is it? i thought it looked kind of like a snakehead, but we hadn't heard anything about them getting into the bay or brackish water.

    shit was weird.

    but yeah fishing is my shit, an hour before dawn and dusk almost everyday in the warm months growing up, and some in the cold months.

    largemouth, smallmouth, crappie, perch, blueys, catfish, trout, muskee, shit like taht were usually what we ended up with. love that shit.

    i fished some deep sea a few times, but ponds and creeks are my favorite shit. lakes, reservoirs and rivers and shit are tight too, but i like finding spots no one really knows about. overcast or with a nice light rain in the summer is my favorite time to fish.

    nothing like walking through the woods, getting lifted, relaxing, fishing.

    our dream was to have our own fishing show one day. i mean, it's still a dream and all but shit, i haven't even been fishing in a couple months, shitty.

    fishing's the shit for real, don't get me started. i never ended up with too many pictures, unfortunately.

    Its a goby...or what they said. Your supposed to kill em.
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    fishing is fun but no way will I fish in the lake were I live are part of lake Erie is dirty

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    Fishing Is great.
    lol yea I just opened with that statement.
    Went fishing for the first time just a couple weeks ago. Wilderness folk are some friendly mother fuckers tho. I was surprised at how douchey people can be in the city as opposed to in the mountains camping. The comradery is just excellent. I ended up being 'that guy' telling everybody I came across 'hi' and 'how their trip is going'. It rubbed off on me.

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