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Thread: Scram Jones working with Raekwon on new album!

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    Default Scram Jones working with Raekwon on new album!

    He posted this on his twitter page & said they are going live 2morrow

    the Chef has left the building-need 2 finalize tomorrow-i think we goin wit the long version-quality & quantity plus it matches the 1st one35 minutes ago from web

    2morrow we'll go live --2nite was 2hectic

    @LilNello yeah not real single but new video coming out this week called "walk wit me"


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    they better go with the long version. i mean 4-5 years in the making you'd think they could fill up 2 discs with quality material. oh wait C2 was almost on it nevermind

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    ^ lmao hahaha
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