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No, women take part also and are also to blame.
I'm sorry, but women ceased being victims a long time ago and to say otherwise is just delusional.

There are women rulers through out history who have murdered and wielded more power than the majority of men so this notion that somehow you can generalize the power of each gender is just completely fuckin bogus.
Powerful people shape the landscape, sometimes they are men, sometimes they are not.

Yes, in videos the hos are women and on sitcoms the idiot is the dad.
So... perspective...
no one has heard of these women because they made no impact on society. they just had position of power but didnt shape anything or leave any type of legacy. what has janet reno and hilery clinton actually done to shape society? what is their impact other than them being in poweful positions?

women do indeed have the right to choose but they choose what they choose because of us.

and agree with how men choose to lay with pretentious women which enables them to be that way. as leaders we shouldnt put up with women like that but men are also weak in that they will deal with that crap for a booty call.