I know I will get shitted on for this, but facts and information need to be pointed out,, no matter how much it might destroy your sence of reality.


there is another way of looking at the Asian tsunami and the catastrophic hurricane in the United States. The key way the public is misled is through the suppression of knowledge – not least the knowledge of what is technologically possible. For instance, if I have technology that can affect the weather and you don’t know this technology exists you will, of course, assume that every weather extreme is a ‘natural’ disaster. But the fact is that the technological means to manipulate the weather has been around for decades.

the Illuminati plan is to create maximum chaos to instil maximum fear to create a sense of maximum dependency on authority. They want multi-levelled chaos to justify the imposition of marshal law, ‘holding’ (concentration) camps, centralised dictatorship, and the Orwellian global state in all its forms. The engineered terrorism and the ‘war on terrorism’ are, in this regard, part of the same agenda that includes crashing the world economy, bringing the United States into conflict with China, and ‘natural’ catastrophes like New Orleans. The idea is to create so much upheaval and chaos that a centralised global government with its own army etc., is seen as the only way to bring, to quote the Freemasons’ motto, ‘Order out of Chaos’.

In terms of earthquakes and hurricanes they certainly have the means. Nikola Tesla, who invented or discovered, radio, television, radar, neon light, alternating current, particle beams, among much else, was able to manipulate the weather in the early part of the 20th century. He was well known to police in Greenwich Village responding to complaints from terrified neighbours about the lightening bolts originating from the top of his building. The lightning bolts in many early horror films were produced with Tesla technology. not to mention H.A.A.R.P

Over the decades weather ‘modification’ has developed to an ever advanced potential for controlling patterns and triggering specific events. In 1997 the U.S. Secretary of Defense, William Cohen, told a conference at the University of Georgia:

‘Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations and it's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts.’

if you want to know more


anywho! ‘Terrorists’ can do that, Mr. Cohen, and yet government agencies and the miltary with multi billion dollar annual budgets can’t do the same?? What Cohen was revealing there is the extent to which the technology is now available to create earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes that can target specific locations

This Internet article provides more detail on how it can be done:

The weather control referred to by Defense Secretary Cohen is often achieved by using one or more scalar interferometers to produce slow heating in a selected small area of the atmosphere, e.g. in a chosen location over the United States. That heating produces air expansion, reduces the air's density, and thus produces a "low pressure" area (ground pressure measurement). Simultaneously, at other selected areas, slow cooling over a selected area is produced, resulting in more dense air and therefore a "high pressure" area as measured on the ground. By slowly moving these highs and lows around, the jet streams can be entrained and deviated - and in fact "steered". By altering and steering the jet streams, one can "steer the weather". On July 4, 1976, apparently as an icon gift from the Russians for our U.S. bicentennial, regular engineering of the weather over North America and the United States was initiated (the first tests were apparently in 1967). It is still ongoing. The Russian weather engineering has also been steadily expanded over the territory of other nations, and has added cooling and heating of selected areas of ocean water as well. In short, it now involves "energy tickling" and thus "temperature alteration" of El Nino and La Nina.’ from:

The Haarp project (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) in Alaska is often mentioned with relation to weather control, but it goes much further than that – including the manipulation of weather from space. I have listed some websites and articles here to give you a better idea of the potential that is available for triggering hurricanes like Katrina and steering them to a target:

'OK, it's happening again. Last year, a series of four extraordinary storms ravaged the State of Florida in rapid succession, causing both devastating human and economic impacts. Several aspects of these storms caught our attention -- ranging from the "impossible" tracks each storm followed into Florida --
to the equally astonishing geometry visible in the centers of some storms ... the incredibly "structured eyes" themselves.'

'Hyperdimensional' Katrina ...?

Are the authorities manipulating the weather? Of course. You can even find the legislation that confirms it. For example, here is a quote from the website of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation:

‘In addition, in administering the Texas Weather Modification Act (enacted by the Texas Legislature in 1967), the program issues licenses and permits to organizations and individuals responsible for carrying out both cloud seeding and other weather modification operations. The aim of the regulatory function is to ensure that various methods of modifying the weather do not dissipate clouds nor inhibit their ability to produce rainfall to the detriment of people or property in the affected areas.

The program also sponsors and provides administrative and technical oversight for ongoing weather modification research and development activities. This includes the use of federal grants for exploratory, and confirmatory, cloud seeding experiments. TDLR issues reports on the results of cloud seeding research work and shares information on technological advances with other State agencies, governmental organizations, and interested individuals.’
lol crazy

I wont even go into chemtrails..
now on too FEMA

It is clear that the response to the unbelievable carnage and suffering in the wake of Hurricane Katrina has been pathetic. This is not surprising when you look at the real agenda behind the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA.

FEMA’s public face is presented as an organisation that reacts to national emergencies – everything from a nuclear attack to an earthquake or urban riot. Strange then, you might think, that only six per cent of its budget is spent on national emergencies. The rest is used to construct underground facilities for the government in time of ‘foreign or domestic’ emergency, and to build ‘holding facilties’, prisons and ‘refugee facilities’, none of which have ever been used for such purposes. So, why are they building them? FEMA has around 3,600 employees, and yet only 60 work on natural disasters or prepare plans in case of nuclear attack. What are the rest doing?

The lack of response to the suffering in those southern states can now be understood when you realise that FEMA is not there to mount such a response. Reporters from the world media can get in and out of there, so can the military, but they can’t do the same with food and water??

government organisations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are fronts for the creation of holding areas (concentration camps) … FEMA was created under an Executive Order (which requires no debate in Congress), and signed by president Jimmy Carter, the Trilateral Commission front man. This allows FEMA to take control of the United States during any ‘national emergency’ declared by the president. These powers include marshall law and the right of the military to enforce whatever FEMA decides. All the laws are already in force which allow a military takeover of the United States. They have been passed by Executive Order and any time a president calls a state of emergency they can be invoked, Oliver North, of Iran-Contra fame, was heavily involved in the creation of FEMA, so say no more

FEMA and Hurricane Andrew

I have spoken with survivors of Hurricane Andrew, which struck South Dade County, Florida, in 1992 and anyone who wants to know what the world will be like under organisations like FEMA and their masters should listen to what they say. The horror stories they tell about the actions of FEMA beggar belief. Far from helping the hundreds of thousands of homeless and injured victims, FEMA cordoned off the area and left the people to fend for them selves. They were given no food, no water, no medical supplies, no shelter and no help whatsoever when the disaster struck. One of the victims was K.T. Frankovich who suffered serious injuries in the hurricane. She tells of her horrific experiences in her book, Where Heavens Meet. About three days after the hurricane had devastated the region, she said that a long line of police cars, about 12 to 15, arrived in her area. Each car was driven by a man dressed in a dark police uniform and they had three other plain clothes men riding as passengers, she said. K.T. had a broken jaw, eight teeth knocked out and huge pieces of glass embedded in her body that only a scalpel could remove. She begged this FEMA convoy for help and this was the exchange that followed, as described by K.T. in Where Heavens Meet.

“Please Sir, I need medical help,” I begged, barely able to speak. The officer sitting behind the wheel sighed heavily. He turned his head away from me and gazed out his windshield. The other three men in the car quietly looked at me. “Please Sir, I need to get to a hospital,” I begged franticly. The officer took his time about reaching over and switching off the engine. With another sigh, he slowly opened the door and climbed out. He then proceeded to close the door and stood there with his legs astride.

“Lady, do me a favour,” he answered. “Find yourself a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down your name and social security number next to the phone number of your nearest living relative. Tuck the piece of paper in your pocket so tomorrow, when I find your body, I’ll know who to contact.”

“No! No!” I cried out. “You don’t understand. I need to get to a hospital. I’ve been badly injured.”

“No! You’re the one that doesn’t understand,” he hissed back.

“With that, he reached over to his holster and took out his gun. He grabbed me, forcing me up against the side of the car, and proceeded to put the barrel of the gun against my temple. I heard the hammer cock. From the position he had pushed me into, I could see directly into the car. The man sitting in the front passenger seat looked away from me immediately, glancing down to the floor. The two passengers in the back turned their heads quickly, staring out the window on the other side of the car. My son and the other survivor watched as the officer had pulled back the hammer on his gun. So shocked out of their minds by what they were witnessing, neither one could move!

“You don’t belong here!” the officer growled, pressing the barrel into the side of my head. “Now you get the hell outta here before I blow away your ass!”

“He shoved my face into the car window and then released me. Someone grabbed me from behind and whirled me around so fast I didn’t have time to think! Before I knew it, I was being thrown over a shoulder. My rescuer took off running as fast as he could! I caught a brief glimpse of my son running next to me. With one gigantic leap, he and the survivor who carried me down behind a pile of debris. All three of us crashed on top of each other in one tangled up heap.

“I’ll shoot your damn asses!” the officer’s voice rang out.”

This is the mentality behind FEMA, the US military, the Office of Homeland “Security” and leaders of government. That mentality would not orchestrate what happened on September 11th to advance its agenda? The official death toll of Hurricane Andrew was 26, but K.T. Frankovich says she saw at least 71 bodies taken away from one small area alone. She estimates the dead to have numbered thousands. But how many people know that? Only those involved and no one is listening to them. As always, the media told us what the official sources told them and they had no inclination to investigate further because it’s easier that way. When you consider how 8,230 mobile homes and 9,140 apartments disappeared in the wake of 200-300 miles an hour winds, it is obvious that the official death toll of 26 is insane...

K.T. Frankovich recalls:
“The National Guard along with the Coast Guard, the Army, FEMA, Metro Dade Police, state police and local police removed dead bodies and body parts as quickly as possible during those first ten days of the aftermath. Horrified survivors watched as both uniformed and civilian-clothed men searched the rubble and filled body bags, which they then stacked in military vehicles or huge refrigerator trucks normally used to transport food, only to drive off and leave the stranded injured to fend for them selves.

“Not until I managed to escape the aftermath did I discover that the ‘thermo-king’ sections of these same refrigerator trucks, jam packed with wall to wall body bags, ended up being stored at Card Sound Navy Base, located in an isolated area just above the Florida Keys. The inside temperature was kept cool by portable generators until the bodies were either incinerated or just plain dumped into huge open grave pits.

“Those working on the body pick up operation were forced to take what is known as the Oath of Sworn Secrecy, which is strictly enforced by the government. Many of them plunged into shock, once exposed to the ghastly devastation and countless mutilated bodies. The horrors were way beyond human comprehension. I can vouch for this, as I accidentally stepped on the severed hand of a young child when I initially crawled out of the debris, only to witness shortly thereafter two dead teenagers and the decapitated body of a baby girl.”

K.T. says that when she lectured at the Clearwater Convention in Florida in 1999, a man in the audience introduced himself as Chief Petty Officer Roy Howard and said he had spent 9 weeks on active duty working in South Dade County amid the devastation. He said he learned that at least 5,280 people had died and that the bodies had been ‘confiscated’ by the National Guard and secretly disposed of in incinerators in a joint operation with FEMA. At least another 1,500 bodies were ‘confiscated’ from lakes and other water. This is the America that the population doesn’t see

FEMA, the organisation behind all this and with all those fascist powers to take over America, is a 100% Illuminati creation funded by the profits from the CIA-Bush family drug operation. It is no surprise to learn, then, that it was during Father George’s time at the CIA and in the White House between 1980 and 1992 that this “emergency management” network was established in the name of fighting terrorism and … drug trafficking! You have to admire their cheek if nothing else.

ok enough of her and the background lets move on!!

Now, clearly, a crime of breathtaking magnitude has been committed in New Orleansand those southern states struck by Hurricane Katrina, a great storm that transformed from a category 1 to category 5 as it headed for land fall on the Louisiana coast.
I detailed the wealth of weather control technology available to the Elite earlier on, and even when the hurricane failed to destroy New Orleans by itself the levees conveniently broke and flooded the city to virtual oblivion. A famous city from the ‘developed’, ‘civilised’, world was turned within hours into a nightmare of flooded, polluted, disease-ridden streets, dead people in their thousands (far more than they will officially admit to), mob rule, rape, and he-with-the-muscle-takes-the-food.
It is a sobering reminder of just how tenuous our ‘civilisation’ really is and how staggeringly quickly it can descend into the animalistic demands of survival.

I've always known that a great civilisation in the ancient world with advanced knowledge of science and esoteric law that built vast cities. It was a society on a global scale at one point. People say that if such a place existed we would find evidence of it, so it can’t be true.But wait. Some of its calling cards are still with us in the form of extraordinary edifices of stone around the world in places like Peru, Egypt, and elsewhere. The rest of it has disappeared, yes, but why would it not have done so given the recent experience of New Orleans? Our ‘modern’ society is considered ‘advanced’ technologically, if certainly not spiritually, but this ‘great society’ that we hear praised by the day is in fact hanging by three tiny threads: oil, electricity and clean water.
Take clean water away and we’re all dead within a short time through dehydration or disease; take away electricity and there is no light or warmth. Take away oil and there is no transport except on foot, bicycle or animal-drawn cart and there would be no animals without uncontaminated water. Together they would also mean no more food, except that which can be produced locally using traditional methods and crops, now disappearing under the onslaught of genetically-modified varieties demanding chemicals that would not be available when catastrophe struck.
Within hours of New Orleans being without drinking water, oil or electricity ‘western civilisation’ was history. For it had lost the pillars, threads in truth, upon which it depends. Perhaps we can see more clearly from this experience how an ancient global society struck by geological catastrophes and some massive wall of water – the ‘Great Flood’ – would have been obliterated. What would be left of New Orleans
a few thousand years from now if it is was just abandoned to the elements?


Anyway, back to the theme: He who most benefits from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it. My own feelings having read the reports for the last 3 weeks is that Hurricane Katrina was whipped up into the incredible storm it became using weather control technologyand that it was steered to its target, New Orleans. When, as was first reported, the storm gave the city a massive battering, but it survived, the levees were broken to do the rest. Apart from those who understand the Illuminati techniques, who was going to suspect foul play with the levees when the hurricane was a ready-made villain?

This gave them so many gifts in their Orwellian agenda for global control. Firstly, the main victims were the poor, mostly poor blacks who could not evacuate. Black people to the Illuminati bloodlines are little more than vermin – ‘useless eaters’ as they call the masses - and they want to depopulate them on a massive scale. This is the real reason for the implanted AIDS epidemic in Africa which is killing millions of black people across that continent, not least in South Africa, and threatens a depopulation of staggering proportions in the years ahead.

Many will say that the idea of a genocide of black people is far fetched, but here is the ‘race-purity’ agenda in the Illuminati’s own words. In September 2000 the Illuminati’s neocon front, The Project for the New American Century, set out a blueprint for the incoming Bush administration to follow. The people behind the report, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and so on, became the controlling cabal behind boy Bush and they have been following their report to the letter - including the invasion of Iraq. And in that same report they say the U.S. should consider the ‘use of biological weapons and that “new” methods of attack - electronic, ‘non-lethal’, biological - will be more widely available ... combat likely will take place in new dimensions, in space, cyberspace, and perhaps the world of microbes...advanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool'.

Note the language: “specific genotypes” – the biological targeting of specific races and black people are the main, though not the only, target. That is what we are dealing with here within this bigger picture of the Orwellian fascist state – cold, calculated genocide. For this to happen in the you have to demonise black people. This is always the methodology of the sick minds who target races for destruction. They are using the ‘war on terrorism’ to turn other races against the Arab peoples, just as they used propaganda to turn Germans against Jews. Now we are seeing the same with blacks in America – they’re portrayed as the bad guys while the whites in the same circumstances are the victims. Here are two news reports to give you a blatant example of what I mean. Blacks 'loot' food while whites 'find' it

The key weapon of the tyrant is always divide and rule of the people and it is so important that neither whites turn against blacks or the other way round. Let us not kid ourselves that there are not black racists as there are white and both need to understand that they are being encouraged by the same force – the one that wants the races in conflict to divide and rule.
We need to speak out for ALL victims of injustice, no matter what their creed, colour, or income bracket. If we protect justice for all to enjoy then it will be there when we need it, too. Otherwise the sequence of picking us off group by group will leave us in the same situation as Niemoller. The Muslims, blacks, poor whites, middle classes, on and on they intend to go, but it can be stopped if we, no matter what our colour, creed, belief or background, stand up for justice for ALL. We don’t have to like people or agree with them to stand up for their freedom. Their freedom is our freedom, lest we forget, or

as Noam Chomsky put it

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for
people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.’

The chaos that has followed Katrina has been a blueprint for the marshall law and military state that the Illuminati wish to impose in the wake of further engineered ‘terror’ and weather/geological events. As I have been saying for years, they use the technique of first creating the chaos and then offering the ‘order’ out of the chaos. This ‘order’ means reshaping society in their Orwellian image. The Illuminati are getting desperate because they know that vast numbers of people continue to wake up and see what they couldn’t see before and they are seeking to impose their Orwellian global state as fast as possible to suppress the awakening with control, surveillence and, most importantly to them, human microchipping. This means that they are planning to throw everything they can at the human mind and emotions in terror attacks and ‘natural’ disasters. We must stay strong and not succumb to such pressure to submit.

Here is some background to what is really going behind the FEMA ‘rescue effort’. Firstly a good summary of what the Illuminati want to create in terms of a military-controlled society and how New Orleans has been a blueprint in so many ways:

'This is the nightmare situation of a New World Order takeover in America. It is what we have been warning the world about for years. It is no longer some distant possibility on the horizon that our children may have to endure and fight against, it is here, it is now. New Orleans is a testing ground for this exact scenario, all this is going on there now. We are witnessing in New Orleans, the construction of a microcosm for a "New America" and a New World Order.''

'I'm extremely depressed to report that things seem to only be getting sadder concerning the people so devastatingly affected by Katrina last week. Two car loads of us headed over to Falls Creek, a youth camp for Southern Baptist churches in Oklahoma that agreed to have its facilities used to house Louisiana refugees. I'm afraid the camp is not going to be used as the kind people of the churches who own the cabins believe it was going to be used. Jesse Jackson was right when he said "refugees" was not the appropriate word for the poor souls dislocated due to Katrina. But he was wrong about why it is not appropriate. It's not appropriate because they are detainees, not refugees.'

I am not an advocate of guns, never owned one and never want to. But confiscating guns owned by the public while allowing those representing the state to have as many as they want has long been part of the takeover agenda
The Nazis introduced gun laws before they imposed their dictatorship.

'Waters were receding across this flood-beaten city today as police officers began confiscating weapons, including legally registered firearms, from civilians in preparation for a mass forced evacuation of the residents still living here.

No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry pistols, shotguns or other firearms, said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police. "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons," he said.

But that order apparently does not apply to hundreds of security guards hired by businesses and some wealthy individuals to protect property. The guards, employees of private security companies like Blackwater, openly carry M-16's and other assault rifles. Mr. Compass said that he was aware of the private guards, but that the police had no plans to make them give up their weapons.'

You're a firefighter okay? You don't go to New Orleans to rescue people, you take a sexual harrassment course...

'Not long after some 1,000 firefighters sat down for eight hours of training, the whispering began: "What are we doing here?"

As New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin pleaded on national television for firefighters - his own are exhausted after working around the clock for a week - a battalion of highly trained men and women sat idle Sunday in a muggy Sheraton Hotel conference room in Atlanta. Many of the firefighters, assembled from Utah and throughout the United States by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, thought they were going to be deployed as emergency workers.

Instead, they have learned they are going to be community-relations officers for FEMA, shuffled throughout the Gulf Coast region to disseminate fliers and a phone number: 1-800-621-FEMA.'


'Oil machinery and other service and equipment faker, Halliburton, has been promised the contract to someday, perhaps not soon, rebuild New Orleans. Vice President Richard Cheney, a top-level criminal, was the CEO of the firm and still receives many millions of dollars per year in delayed "compensation" from them while he stonewalls important White House oil dirty business.

The plan for treachery is simple. Residents of New Orleans fled for their life. They obviously did not take along in a plastic bag the deed to their property. So now out-of-town and out-of-work, they do not have the funds to pay their property tax nor do they have their property identification code and number. Sixty six per cent of the population of New Orleans have been blacks, many impoverished, together with a sizeable number of poor whites.

So it will be simple for land swindlers like Halliburton and their gang of pirates to grab lots of land from the descendants of slaves or white indentured servants, bull-doze away the hurricane-wrecked houses, and build hotels and other structures to accompany a someday to be newly-enlarged whorehouse district in New Orleans.'


'I would like to add something to the bubbling pot that might cast a light on the disgusting official breakdown of rescue and support. This afternoon, I was having lunch at the Cosmos Club out on Massachusetts Avenue. A good friend is a member of the posh club (that once was the elegant town home of Sumner Welles), and while at lunch, I was privy to a very vocal conversation at one of the big round center tables in the club dining room.

One man was giving an overview of the situation to a group of his friends. The speaker was an undersecretary of an important department, well -liked by Bush and often in the White House to consult. The others ranged from an academic economist whose writings can be seen in a right wing paper and a number of Washington-based businessmen, all of whom are active and heavy contributors to the Bush White House.

The loud one had obviously had a few drinks at the bar and this is probably why he was not more discreet. The gist of his comments was horrible to contemplate and it sounded like a top Nazi discussing Jews.

It is well known here that the Bush family and many of the top advisers at the White House are racists but instead of detesting Jews, in this case, they all detest blacks. Their rationale, aside from their view of racial superiority, is that blacks are all "welfare queens, unwed mothers and drug dealers." It was the very firmly stated view of the host that it was better for everyone that New Orleans was under water for the time being.

In that way, we were told (and I was not the only person in the dining room who heard all this), this served to "chase out the niggers" and permit Bush-supporting businessmen from buying up the soon-to-be condemned sodden houses for five cents on the dollar from friendly insurance companies (which one of them was a CEO of) and put up an enlarged and very profitable combination of industrial park and office building section. The money for this would, naturally, come from government grants which a terrified Congress (Mid Term elections are coming) had just voted for and the contracts to demolish the wrecked low-income slums would go, as a no-bid contract, to another stellar Bush supporter.

As for the refugees, our table of proto-fascists all commented on the fact that most of them were on welfare and probably all voted Democratic so they could all be shipped to California or Chicago at the public expense and allowed to occupy less valuable public housing there.

This conversation went on in a similar vein for some time and it was difficult for both myself and my host to refrain from making nasty comments or, for that matter, to enjoy our meal. These people are greedy and purely evil and I am positive from the overall conversations that Bush is conversant with this attitude and has no intentions of interfering with it.'

Where there’s a pig trough you’ll always find Halliburton...

Former FEMA head and now Halliburton lobbyist visits Louisiana to secure deals

'The former head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Joseph Allbaugh, now a lobbyist for Halliburton, is in Lousiana helping his clients obtain disaster relief contracts, the Washington Post reported today. Even Republicans on Capitol Hill are feeling a bit disgusted. "I think there are some laws that have to be changed, especially [when contracting] in emergency situations and the like," said Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA), chairman of the House Committee on Government Reform,

The creation of the Homeland Security Department has created another big industry for lobbyists: disaster relief. The Post reported there are roughly 240 businesses and lobbyists seeking to influence contracting and policies related to disaster relief.';code%3d20050 908%26amp;articleId%3d906

Why did the levees break?

When you factor in the magnitude of the incompetence, it really isn't out of the realm of possibility [that the levees were sabotaged]. All the levees required were simple fixes. The gross negligence of the rescue effort, and it's five day delay, will surely prevent the return of most of the blacks. No doubt there will be some tenement housing built in surrounding areas, for blacks to resettle in, and the real estate developers will offer them chump change for their New Orleans' property.'

'The Unexplained Crack in Several Feet of Concrete'

There are many reasons why it took long for the rescue effort to begin in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. First they WANTED the chaos, the violence and the suffering because it suited their agenda and this is why the speeches and behaviour of President Bush had ‘don’t give shit’ written all over them. It was so blatant that even some of his brain-dead supporters could see that something didn’t add up. The level of contempt that Bush and his minders have for the people of can be seen yet again in how they spent time and money during a supposed rescue effort to set up a photo opportunity to make him look good (quite a challenge).

Red Cross Frauds, Katrina & Other Disaster Scams

not to mention the Phoenician sun symbol i.e the English Flag,