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Thread: Battlers on here* =)

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    Default Battlers on here* =)


    Clownin' around with some kids on here..

    ugly fuck, who can like that clown?
    Brock'll go to Sea World, the whale'll jump up to kiss him, stop half way - and dive back down.
    read another one of yall posts? yall dumb fucks mental
    shit I'd rather put on Brock's suit, Wera's glasses - and walk 'round South Central...
    picture him in white ass knee socks
    in gym glass, normal kids climbed up ropes, Brock climbed up beanstalks
    I got plenty mo' powers
    beat me? there's better chances of Daliff actually droppin' a 16 in the next 24 hours...
    they aint cool, please, fuck what they said
    if South Park's Kenny was rollin' with yall and they killed him - he'd wanna stay dead...
    kid sounds like a loser.. ("where's Skamp?!? im so jealous!!" lol)
    Wera loosened up his asshole so good, when he farts, shit sounds like a tuba
    chickens, hey I spot the flaws
    and if im on anyones dick its because they aint got the balls...
    good luck on the vat status, I'm honest kid
    I'd give wera a hand - but he'd put it on his dick(wtf)...
    I'm rippin the cat, simple
    close the lights, open a flashlight put two fingers behind wera's head, look at the wall - and it'll give you the Bat signal...
    c'mon, laugh you fuck
    every time wera shakes his head, the Devil and Angel on his shoulders have to duck(watch out)...
    yall could of had a better team
    if wera looks like Marc Anthony, then Brock looks like J-Lo - cuz that's the BIGGEST ass I've ever seen...
    killin' fags, from the east to the westside
    mad post counts, Dusk aint puttin' out no hits - 'cept the ones on this website...
    never goes out, I'm honest right
    the only traffic this loser prolly ever seen - is on this site...
    dirty ass dry farts
    Brock only went to school because he heard they had pie charts...,
    his spellin', dont get me started
    if you see him in the streets, he aint throwin' up gang signs, he's just fuckin' retarded
    a shameful disgrace
    so ugly, karma'll comeback to bite him in the ass - and aim for his face...
    Neg rep me,again and again.. yo buddy that's ill
    pneumatic, you should pat yourself on the back, cuz nobody else will(nope)...
    a fuckin' JACKOFF, homo's scared
    he couldnt walk a day in Wutang's shoes, what am I sayin' - he prolly owns 4 pairs...
    I'm ownin' this bitch...
    I'll be on wera like a cheap suit, and a gay tie, and big ears and - OH YOU CAN SEE WHERE IM GOIN' WITH THIS
    dusk never saw a gun
    give the pussy paintshop and an hour - he STILL couldnt draw a gun...
    yall clowns, who duck vets
    I put myself on invisible mode 'cuz I dont wanna be seen AROUND you FUCK heads..


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    you a faggot ass, fake
    so put ya pad away,
    and take ya fingers off them keys
    cuz ya frees aint cold enough to even freeze
    clear water
    im makin jack daniels pops wit ease
    nice dreams
    its just too bad youll never reach em
    u verbally shallow,
    im comin from depths of the deep end

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    fuck is going on here? ahh ill get rid of it when i get back, play nice kids.

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