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Thread: Who have you seen live?

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    Default Who have you seen live?

    I know there are a bunch of threads in the Hip-Hop forum in regards to this, but who have you seen live and who would you recommend seeing live? I find that with Hip-Hop shows you kinda know what to expect from a performer before you even get there, whereas with other genre's theres that element of surprise. This thread could be used as a guide per say, so please build on.

    Acts I have seen (somewhat categorized by genre);

    Kid Koala (Probably the best show I've ever been to, Im not a fan of his records but live, this dude is without any doubt the best DJ in the world. If you are a fan of music in the slightest, you will love KK live, dont miss out on an opportunity to see him.)

    RJD2 (Pretty good show, set kind of runs dry half way through when he runs out of stuff to play and just does mash-ups. His mediocore performances are made up for by his outstanding records)

    Girl Talk (Hype as fuck, his catalog is perfect for concerts, his music pretty much consists of classics that everybody knows mashed-up with current big hits/well-known radio stuff. His shows are more of a party than a concert, when everybody knows the tunes and he just keeps the energy coming, you're guaranteed a good show - one of my favs.)

    M83 (Really, really dull, good music to fall asleep to or for studying, as far as seeing them live you pretty much get the same effect.)

    Holy Fuck (Mediocre, nothing really different than just listening to their records.)

    Metric (Really great act, they tend to play a large variety of their catalog that tends to appeal to any Metric fan. Also seeing the cutie blond coke-head main singer Emily Haines prance around for an hour is pretty cool too.)

    Broken Social Scene (These guys really are amazing, their live performances tend to consist of about 8-10 band members and they play a really extensive amount of their stuff.)

    CAKE (Dopeness, real hype, great music, funny as fuck)

    KISS (Now this is an act where you kinda know what to expect, hype tunes, fire works, and flame breathing, can't really go wrong with that.)

    Toots & The Maytals (One of my favorite shows of all time, I think the main dude is like in his 70's and still managed to rock like 5000 people and get everyone singin.)

    Lynyrd Skynyrd (weeeeaaakk, granted I saw them in Canada, their confedirate flags didn't go over too well. Unlike KISS, these guys probably should stop doing tours in there old age.)

    I figured I'd do a small review of the most recognizable names, here are other acts that I have seen

    Iron & Wine
    Ben Harper
    The Dodos
    Okkervil River
    King Khan & BBQ Show
    The Zombies
    The National
    Blue Rodeo
    Great Lake Swimmers
    Gym Class Heros
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Femi Kuti

    build on.
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