Were there any Muslims or Gods in the wilderness of north america BEFORE Elijah Muhammad? What about before W.F. Muhammad (Fard)?

In general, the Nation of Islam followers do believe there were no black people with the knowledge of them being Muslim or God prior to 1930.

The knowledge of black people being muslim or god, according to a large segment of nation of islam followers started with the coming of W.F. Muhammad (Fard), but is this really true?

There are many muslims in the nation of islam who reject other people having knowledge of what they refer to as elijah's lessons because they don't follower elijah's program, but is the truth only contained in that one person? Let's look at what Elijah said himself:

"Never has any so-called American Negro been taught by white people to believe in Almighty God, Allah, and His True religion, Islam. Only in higher organizations or we say Masonry. In the Masonics, there is little teachings at the top mostly of this particular order that mentions the teachings of Almighty God, Allah."

Which one is it?

"I will not go into the history of the Masons since I was a Mason myself once and I swore, too, not reveal the secrets. Masons who have reached such degrees as 32nd and 33, d are not called Masons. They are called Moslem Shriners. They are reaching up to us. When you take the 33rd degree you are taught to greet each other; ’As- Salaam Alaikum ’. You are taught Islam from then on because you become a Muslim when that degree is conferred on you. At least you are supposed to be a believer in Islam. They teach you, almost from the start, to turn your face to the east."

I'm NOT changing Islam, I'm just taking you deeper into Islam.